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  • Posted by Brian on January 2, 2015 at 5:58 pm

    Yesterday I fished with BCGS guide, Ben Malone. Fishing from 7-3pm we had a tough day.

    With the great day I had in the back of Spring Creek the other day we headed back to try and duplicate our success. I wondered what the cold temperature was going to do to the fish this week and today I found out.

    We headed back to the finger coves and started casting towards the flat with A-rigs and spooks. The water was 53 with 1.5 visibility. On our first pass up the rocks to the bluff wall we had 2 bites in 2ft of water. One was a 3-4lb that busted my spook while flying out of the water missing my bait and the other was a short bass. After fishing back and forth for an hour without any more action we decided to head further back. We fished the rocks across from the feeder creek without any bites on our spooks, a-rigs and shad raps. It wasn’t until we picked up our 1/4oz and 1/8oz shaky heads with Zoom trick worm(green pumpkin purple flake) until we got some bites. Fishing the channel in front of the feeder we creek sat in 10ft casting into 4ft dragging back slowly. Fishing deeper we caught 3 keeper Kentuckys and I lost one that felt decent size. We fished our way back down and caught 2 more short fish on the flat across the fingers coves and then decided to move.

    Heading out(still in Spring Creek) we moved to the next big point/flat on the left with the PVC pipe. Casting spooks and shaky heads we had a few bites on the drop off(in the shallow rocks), but no takers. I had the boat in 8ft-10ft and the rocks were in 1ft-2ft.

    We moved to the next big point on the right where there is a big brushpile out of the water. We found a bunch of bass holding in 12ft. Casting white 1/2oz chatter baits and shaky heads we caught 2 short bass, but no bigger bites.

    We motored over to Fall Creek and started fishing at the PVC poles in the back. Casting a-rigs, shad raps, and shaky heads we zeroed! There was no action going on at all…..maybe that was why no one else was back there. We tried the stumps on the channel ledge and rock bends.

    Next we cruised up to the first bluff wall on the left passed Jefferson Pike bridge. Casting red Bandit 200’s and A-rigs we quickly caught one short bass. The water was clear with 1.5ft visibility and 50 degrees. I kept the boat 20ft, casting into 2ft. We picked up our shaky heads and finally started on an active pattern. For the remaining of the day we moved from bluff wall to bluff wall in the same area catching bass after bass. Most were 1lb-1.5lb, but we had a good time. The key was fishing the bigger boulder rocks where there was current. The fish were sitting behind the rocks!

    All and all it was a tough, frustrating day. The freezing temperatures the past 2 days shut the big fish down back there. I hoped I could slow down and catch them with my shaky head, but it never turned on. Hind sight we should have abandoned that pattern sooner.

    daviddukes replied 9 years, 5 months ago 2 Members · 2 Replies
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  • krogers79

    January 2, 2015 at 8:59 pm

    We loaded the boat with fish between 14.5 and 14.75 inches in Spring Creek. Funny thing was, they were hitting the A rig like tanks. We would think there was a good fish on the other end only to find a short with a pot belly. We had one keeper on the rig. We never left Spring Creek all day because we were catching fish and we felt we would pick up some keepers. The pattern we found was the rig on transition banks between gravel and chunk rock in the creek bends. That pattern was so consistent that I called the bites a couple of times. 😀 We ran out to the green buoy at the sharp turn heading to the back of the creek and found fish on the ledge across from the buoy. After catching 4-5 there, they shut down. I kept noticing gulls busting in the large cove in front of the buoy, so we motored over to see what was happening. We found what appeared to be the mother load. Fishing were chasing shad all over, but they wouldnt hit the rig. I picked up the chrome sexy shad trap and caught a toad of a short fish…dude about jerked the rod out of my hand. We fiddled around for a while longer and caught 3-4 more back there but no keepers. Frustrating tourney, but fun fish catching.

  • daviddukes

    January 4, 2015 at 9:56 pm

    All I can say is a tough day fishing is better than being at home with the stomach flu which is where I have been since Friday!

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