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  • Posted by Brian on January 22, 2015 at 5:06 pm

    Yesterday I fished Old Hickory for 6 hours.

    I launched out of Flippers and headed down lake into Station Camp. At the split where the duck blind is I continued left. After the ski cove I started on the next point on the left where the channel swings up against. The water temp was 44 with 1ft clarity. We started casting 1/4oz shaky heads with a pumpkin Speed Craw and a Hoppy’s Blk/Blu 1/8oz Flea Flicker with green pumpkin Paca Craw. I had the boat in 10ft-12ft and we cast into 2ft at the bank and along the point. After 15 minutes and no bites or action on the side and down scan we idled across the channel to the next bluff point where the channel butted up to…..nothing there either. Without any bait on the screen and no bites I figured to get out of there and try something different.

    When I was driving to Flippers on rt109 I went over the bridge at Laguardo and saw TONS of birds diving. Once we arrived in the boat I headed to the rip rap on the left leading to the bridge. The water temperature was more stained and 45 degrees. We pitched our Speed Craw and Flea Flicker down the rocks until we reached the bridge….no bites. However, when we reached the bridge there was bait everywhere on the down and side scan. I picked up my A-rig and my client tied on a TN shad color square bill crankbait. We fished the points of the rip rap at the bridge and the pillar with no bites. Frustrated, I picked up my shaky head(1/4oz with green pumpkin/purple flake) and fished the pillar….nada. We trolled under the bridge and tried the back side. There was bait everywhere, but no action…..time to move.

    I floored it out of Spencer Creek and down to the bluff wall just before Cages Bend. I was surprised to see the water temp at 47 degrees with 1ft clarity. I noticed(which I did not realize before) there was TONS of current in the main channel. We started on the down side of the bluff and worked our way up against the current. EVERYTHING was looking perfect! We flipped jigs and chucked A-rigs for an hour….nothing!

    Ok, what was going on? I thought we were still on the correct pattern so I motored down lake lake to another point on the main channel. This point is about a mile on the left after Cedar Creek. It is a point of a cove with just a few house in it. I set the boat in 20ft and we threw our A-rigs and shaky heads. The first 3 cast on the a-rigs I had good bites, but they just whacked it. Finally, a few more cast later I stuck a 1.5lb. Moments later I caught a 2lb on a white Hoppy’s Emerald 3/4oz spinnerbait with a white jr swimming fluke for trailer. We fished for 20 more minutes without a bite and then moved down to Jonny Cash’s house where the big rock peninsula/point comes out at the mouth of a cove. Same set up there, we sat in 25-35ft and cast into 6ft-8ft. We stuck with the a-rig, but added a Strike King Series 6 white shad crankbait. The side and down scan was lit up with big fish, little fish, bait! We made long cast to the rock point and had several bites before we hooked into our first fish on the crankbait…1lb. After 20 minutes we switched to the point on the other side of the cove. I had one HUGE bite where a fish knock a foot of slack in my line! I set the hook as hard as I can and almost fell out of the boat! When I reeled my line in I had one of my dummy swimbaits missing…dang TN 3 hook state law! We fished for several more minutes without a bite and then made a big move back up lake(bad decision).

    I stopped at the steam plant and fished the mouth where it meets the channel with my a-rig, shaky heads, and jigs…nada. The water was 58 degrees, but no bass.

    We idled up to the next cove on the left and started casting rattle traps to a flat with a lot of bait. The water was 47 back there, but it was too far away from the main channel where it seemed the bass were concentrating. Our time was up and it was time to head in. Fair day.

    Hindsight, we should have stayed on the main lake point pattern with the current. Each spot we caught fish and had tons of fish concentrating off the points. If I had to fish tomorrow I would stay on the main lake and fish every point with my rig!

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