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  • Posted by Brian on January 27, 2017 at 4:45 am

    Hit the like today with a co-worker from the ER. The temperature change dramatically overnight from 60’s to 30’s so we bundled up and tried to get out of the cold west wind. I launched at Jefferson Springs boat ramp and quickly noticed a bunch of shad feeding on the flat in front of the ramp. I picked up my spook and my partner picked up his shad pattern 1/4oz rattletrap. We started casting into 1-3 feet retrieving quickly . We went at a hundred yards without a single bite and pulled the trolling motor up. The water had 1.5ft visibility as we headed up into the river. My first stop was three turns in the channel at the mud flat on the right where it transtitions to a bluff wall. Casting my spook Jr I had one big blow up just away from the rocks in 3ft that missed by bait. We fished the entire transition without another bite and then crossed over to the mud flat with stumps around the PVC poles. There were bass feeding in a 30-yard stretch in 1-3ft. I had 4 more strikes on my spook….. all of them missing the bait and not coming back for another attempt! After the bite slow down we continue down the flat for 200 yards. I kept the boat the channel 15 feet and threw up into 2-3ft walking the bait slowly around the isolated wood. Next we motored to the West Fork and tried the blown-out bridge. The water was 54 degree, which is good, but not for what I was looking to do this day. I tied on a big 1/2oz Chatterbait with a 5″ Berkley swimbait attached. I started casting to the bridge mud flattranisition in 6-12ft. After 40 minutes of casting into the channel in 15ft and all around the rocks we never had a single bite. This pattern works well when the waters in the upper 40’s…so maybe next week. I pulled the trolling motor up and cruise down lake into Fall Creek hoping to catch a few fish since we only had an hour and half left. We idled across the mud flat adjacent to the boat ramp and I tried my spook again on the flat to the left around the isolated stumps. I never had a single bite due to the water temperature dropping 5 degrees and now 51. I tried my Alabama Rig a few times in the channel with the 0 bites as well. As we fished to the next bend in the channel I picked up my 3/16oz shaky head with black Zoom trick worm. We got the spring in the bluff wall and started getting bite after bite. After 20 minutes we had eight bites, but could not hook any of them….. I think this because they were a little. We slowly worked our way back out with our worms and tried the bluff wall on the right. We started getting some good bites and catching some Kentucky bass and largemouth bass up close to the rocks. After the rocks stopped we fished the mud flat for 40 yards and started getting some quality bites. I caught a 3.5lb and 3lb in 5 minutes. My partner lost another good fish while we caught 6-8 short fish. All the fish seem to be coming out of 3 to 6 feet of water right on the drop off. At 11:30am we pulled the trolling motor up and headed in. I’m glad we got to catch some fish back there although it was a slower day. With the cooler weather moving in they should get into a more consistent winner pattern. I’ll be out Saturday to try again in the river hopefully the temperature will drop enough to turn the fish on.

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