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  • Posted by Brian on January 28, 2019 at 3:27 am

    Yesterday I fished Center Hill Lake for 8 hours with a client. We put in at Sligo where the water had less than a foot clarity at 48゚. Our first run was straight into Fall Creek to the last 1000 yards of the creek where we fished the points and bluff walls. We kept the boat 15′ off the bank while we made long cast up the shoreline into 4 to 6′ of water. We were casting 1/8oz crappie jigs with chartreuse/silver slab magnets. Last week the fish were biting very well on these. However, it was a lot clearer and warmer. Like the main channel the back of the creek was very dingy, but a little bit clearer the further back you went. We caught 2 fish there, a 15″ and 14″ smallmouth.

    We cruised up to Pine Creek and tried the same technique in the back without any action. It wasn’t until we tried a sandy bank with flooded trees near the shore where we call a 3 plus pound largemouth out of 6′ of water! That was the only fish we caught. We also tried rattle traps and bomber red crankbaits in 4-8ft.

    We cruised down towards Mine Lick and fished the bluff wall on the right before you turn right into the creek. The water was clearer with 2ft visibility at the mouth. We fished 150 yards of the bluff wall without a single bite and decide to head back up lake into different creeks and finally back in to Fall Creek where we caught another smallmouth on our Crappie Magnet! It was a very tough day with only a few bites. Last week we had more action but it was warmer and clearer. Next week is going to be freezing cold which should help all the fishing because it will be consistent.

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