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  • Posted by Brian on July 15, 2018 at 10:47 pm

    Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure to take a father and son out from 4-8pm. We we’re looking for schools of bass and were able to find a couple throughout our trip!

    We started at the mouth of the Lamar Hill where the water temperature was 90 degrees. We scanned the ridge near the main channel in 13 to 16 ft, the left point of Lamar Hill, and the right point of Lamar Hill. Out from the right point near the PVC pole I found a school of bass in 10 feet of water. I threw a buoy out and backed off. We tied on 5xd Sexy Shad Strike King crankbaits and 6 inch sexy Shad spoons. Right as we were getting ready to start casting the fish came up and schooled on the surface near the boat. These were quality Largemouth! We tried a few topwater lures along with crankbaits without any success. We backed off and made long cast to the same area. The son had one on quickly that got off, followed by a 3 pound largemouth moments later! The school did not come up again and we fan-cast at the area for about 30 minutes without any other activity.

    Next we moved to the hump at the intersection of Spring and Fall Creek. Fishing on the right side of the the hump, facing up lake, we fished to the right of the two PVC poles. We cast the same lures for 15 minutes with no activity. We scanned for a while in the area with out finding any bass and decided to move.

    Next we moved to Stewarts Creek. We motored all the way to the back, past the second boat ramp near the riprap bank. We parked the boat up against the rip rap and made long cast to the point across the channel. The water temperature is 91 degrees. I switched lures to a Norman deep little n in Shad pattern, and another in Orange and chartreuse. We made long cast bouncing our baits over the boulder rocks and logs and was able to catch 4-6 bass…….half of them being keepers out of 6 feet of water.

    Next we moved to Jones Mill Cove. We started next to the green buoy in the main channel, but then quickly trolled across the channel near the red buoy where there was a lot of surface action! Largemouth bass and white bass schooling! When moved around the area 50 yards chasing schools catching quite a few bass on the surface! Our best lure was a blue and gray Whopper plopper. The Whopper plopper was the 90 size.

    After the action died off we tried in front of Fate Sanders around the rock island at the no-wake buoy. We had one bite on the Whopper plopper way up near the cypress trees in one foot of water. This was a quality bass that missed the lure. It was close to dark and we headed in. It was an action packed trip with some great clients!

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