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  • Posted by Brian on July 16, 2014 at 3:56 am

    Today was an interesting day. Cooler than normal and WINDY! Also, we had a late start….around 730am. An earlier start would have been more productive.

    I have a friend that had a good day in Stewarts Creek the other day. Not many bites, but quality bites! So, I thought for my half day trip this morning we could head back past the bridge and catch a couple good ones. As soon a we entered the narrow channel in the back of Stewarts Creek and made the first turn left around the long mud flat, we noticed shad everywhere and bass feeding! I scanned around for a 5 minutes with my side and down scan and found bait and bass all over. We shut off the motor, set the trolling motor down and started casting chrome and blue 1/2oz rattle traps and SquareB 2.75 Sexy Shad crankbaits. We must have cast 100 times without a bite! We tried shaky heads with baby brush hogs on the bottom….nada, except for a 2lb white bass. We decided to motor back to the long point past the back boat ramp where the rip rap bank is. Fishing the point opposite of the rip rap we caught 2 on SquareB 2.75 Sexy Shad in 4ft and 4 bass off the rip rap with rattle traps! We fished the next mud flat on the right up from there with no bites and headed out.

    Next, we stopped at the Weakley Lane bridge and caught 1 on a weightless fluke and 2 on green pumpkin weightless sinkos.

    I thought about running to the Jefferson Pike bridge and try to get into a school, but on the way I wanted to idle through the Smyrna pumphouse cut through to see if there was any activity. Man, I’m glad I did. I did not fish the entire cut through. In fact we never made it passed the flat on the right 200 yards in. Last year there was a ton of buck brush on that flat, but now there is just some here and there. However, that did not stop the shad from running in 1ft or the bass from feeding on them. For the last 1.5 hours we chucked white and black buzzbaits and Minnow 2.5 Thread Fin Shad. The bass were busting everywhere!!! We landed 3 decent bass on the buzzbaits and 3 on the cranks. However, the bass were everywhere and we had a lot of action all around us. The entire time we were stirring up mud with the trolling motor! I hope this bite stays for a while…..I love fishing buzzbaits in shallow water!

    Go get ’em guys!

    frisky97 replied 10 years ago 1 Member · 1 Reply
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  • frisky97

    July 16, 2014 at 4:32 am

    Great report, I’m glad to hear you got some action below the Smyrna pump house. I’ve stopped by there a couple of times this year with very little action. Think I’ll try it for a short time this Sat. AM after putting in at Jefferson Springs ramp. Also want to try the rocky flat on the left in fall creek. Hope you have a good week.

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