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  • Posted by Brian on July 17, 2016 at 1:54 am

    Yesterday I went out on Old Hickory from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Fishing for bass my clients and I had a fair day. We launched from Flippers and headed down lake 1 mile to the water intake pipe….or what people call the “crap hole”. Long pipes run out from the bank all the way to the channel drop off. The end of the pipes are in 5 to 10 feet right on the channel ledge. We scanned the pipes and found a few bass on the right side of the pipes in 10 feet of water. I threw out a marker buoy and backed off 20 yards. The water temperature was 88 degrees with less than a foot visibility. My clients and I cast 1/4oz shaky heads and Texas Rig worms in Plum and June bug color. We cast on top of the flat in 4-5ft dragging slowly through the fish, down the drop off. After 20 minutes we never had a bite and decided to move. Next we headed to Station Camp Creek and scanned a few fish on the long point at the split just inside the mouth. This is the long point with the duck blind. I parked the boat in 16 to 20 feet while we made cast up to 10ft. After 15 minutes with no results we started fishing up the ledge towards the duck blind. Once we passed the duckblind we had a solid bite on the 10 inch Zoom ol monster. The fish swam off with the worm, I set the hook and had him for a second before he got off. It felt like a good fish, but they always do! That was the only bite we had there. Our next spot was in Ski Cove in the back right corner. We fish the the peninsula that comes out with boulder rocks in 1 to 5 feet surrounding the bank. We caught our first fish on a 1/2oz sexy shad rattletrap in 2 feet of water. As we continue down the bank we caught other largemouth, this one was a keeper caught on a red 1/2oz rattletrap. We went back and forth from the bridge to the peninsula catching four in this area. We did not catch any big ones, but a couple keepers. I cruised out of Station Camp and tried to go further back into the creek, but there was way too many wakeboarders trying to throw us out of the boat, which they almost did. I motored out of Station Camp across from Cages Bend. Across the channel from Cages Bend there’s an island and to the left of the island there is a cubby hole in the channel. The cubby hole is 10-12 feet deep. The Army Corp was pulling a lot of current yesterday afternoon so I sat just inside the cubby hole casting up onto the flat in 3-4 feet of water. There’s several logs out of the water that we cast to. At the first set of lags we missed a good fish after setting the hook. Moments later around this another log a largemouth stripped the worm off our hook. Then just a few moments later I set the hook on a good fish in 4ft of water next to another log and fought the fish for several seconds before he unbutton. This was a larger fish. We fish for 30 more minutes catching three or four short bass on rattle traps on top of the flat around the wood. Our last spot was the back of Flippers cove. I tied on weightless pearl flukes and we started casting to the grass around the rip rap on the left before the bridge. We fished under the bridge and back up the other side with one short fish. We kept the boat in 8 to 10 feet casting in 2-3ft…..twitching the flukes back slowly. As it started getting dark we idled to the ramp and called it a day.

    All and all, okay day. We did not catch any big fish, but we were able to catch some fun size bass and get a few good bites. Looking at the results from the BFL tournament on Old Hickory today it has been tough on everybody. It took 13 pounds to win and I think 8 pounds to get a check… that is really tough, but typical for Old Hickory this time of year.

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