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  • Posted by Brian on July 19, 2014 at 2:08 am

    Today I went out for 5 hours with one of my regular clients.

    My client met me at the ramp at 5am, we realized it was still dark(and raining), so we waited until 530am to take off. Our first spot was the Smyrna pump house cut through. After witnessing the feeding frenzy the other day in 1ft of water and catching several on buzzbaits, I’ve dying to get back there early in morning. We idled back to the flat on the right, saw a few shad flipping and started casting…..and casting…..and casting. After 45mins and not one sniff, we decided to leave. I was shock, I thought we were going to spank them back there.

    Next we headed to the cove directly across from the Youth Inc bank, just past the 2nd cut through. I used my side imaging to scan 200 yards, saw a lot of bass and shut the motor off. We started with buzzbaits, but quickly realized all the activity was behind us in 8ft-10ft. I pick up my homemade 1/2oz shaky head with a pumpkin Rage Craw(which I will be adding in the store soon along with jigs, swim jigs, chatter baits, spinnerbaits, and more) and made a 30 yard cast away from the bank. As soon as the lure landed on the bottom, bump, bump! I reeled in my slack, put the hammer down and it was on. The next 2 seconds were awesome before he got off! 10 minutes later I made a long cast out again and boom…2lb. I felt that fish was really aggressive because he hit so fast, so I picked up my 4″ Storm Wide Eye swimbait in shad pattern and chucked to the same area. Two sweeps with my rod….POW….2.5 largemouth! The next 30 minutes we stayed in same area catching a few here and there on shaky heads. No big fish though.

    I motored behind Hong Kong Island and started fishing the deep point on the left. Fishing with our shaky heads we caught two of the point in 13ft. Then we had a ton of schoolers come up around us and we yanked a few on rattle traps burning back to boat.

    We moved over to the big hump across from Byrants Grove and fished our shaky heads in 10ft-15ft trying to get a big fish…nada.

    Came back to Fate Sanders and fished the hump to the left of the red channel buoy. Sitting in 18ft and casting into 11ft, we caught one short fish on a shaky head with a Zoom green pumpkin brush hog. I tried a 5″ sexy spoon to get a reaction strike….nothing.

    Under the Weakley Lane bridge we caught 2 more short fish on flukes and rattle traps.

    With 20 minutes left in our trip I flew to the back Stewarts Creek and fished the long point across from the rip rap(past the back boat ramp). I tied on a 2.75 SquareB Sexy Shad for my client and told him to cast towards the point. 5 minutes later…slam! My client fights fish to boat and as it get half way in it jumps out of the water and the 3lb slung the bait:( He had one more good hit moments later and we had to leave.

    Okay day on the water. What a fun, cooler week it has been! Be safe this weekend!

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