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  • Posted by Brian on July 26, 2016 at 4:44 pm

    Went out Sunday for an electronic teaching trip. We had an OK trip, but did not find any big ones. We launched from Fate Sanders at 3:30 p.m. and started scanning the point off the main channel at the mouth of Stewart’s Creek. We scanned figure eights for 15 minutes while I taught how to read the down and side imaging. To no surprise there were no bass schooling on the top of the point like they were weeks ago. I idled over to the hump next to the little red buoy and continue scanning. No signs of bass over there either. Next I moved to the Weakley lane bridge and scanned dozens of bass on the left pillar. I explained to my clients what the bass look like and why they were positioned like they were. I also went over techniques to catch these fish. We backed off and cast Zoom pearl flukes(weightless), Yamamota red sinkos, and 6xd shad crankbaits. We were able to catch a few and missed several others. I pulled up the trolling motor and cruise to the mouth of Lamar Hill. We scanned the left point from 20 feet to 8 feet and over to the right point in front of the PVC pole from 6 to 20 feet. We saw a few fish in front of the white pole and decided to fish. Casting crankbaits, Texas Rig Plum 10 inch worms, and shaky heads with a green pumpkin trick worms, we were never able to hook up. Next I motored to the mouth of Spring Creek and started scanning the hump on the right heading into the creek. Sitting near the little red channel buoy we sat in 20 feet and cast into 4 feet…dragging our Plum plastic worms over the rocks and down the ledge. We had two good bites, but the fish would not commit. I moved over to the bluff wall point at the mouth of Fall Creek on the right. There were bass on the down imaging and surfacing just off of the point in front of the grass. Sitting in 20 feet we made long cast into 6 feet on top of the point. We started getting several bites and after 45 minutes we landed 6 -7 bass and missing several others. After the bite slowed down we motored back down lake into Stewarts Creek. We fished The long point across from Stewarts Creek boat ramp. Casting our plum worms onto the point and dragging slowly….nada. We fished from the middle of the point all the way to the PVC poles. I cruised over to Weakley lane bridge to try and catch some more schoolers before it got too dark, but it was too late and the fish had called it a night and we’re not active anymore.

    All and all, ok trip. Tough bite for most of the areas we fished, but we were able to catch fu had a couple new areas.

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