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  • Posted by Brian on July 30, 2016 at 2:52 am

    Yesterday I was out from 530am-1030am. Focusing on bass we started shallow around the grass in 1ft-3ft. I pulled up to the mouth of Spring Creek and tied on a 1/2oz Hoppy’s Hog Buzz(black) and a 1/2oz Strike king red eye in orange shad pattern. The water temperature was 87 degrees with >1 visibility. With the boat in 3ft with trolled around the island on the left casting deep into the grass. After working around the island we came up to the rock ledge just before the channel where there is grass growing out of the water. When we reached the creek channel we made long cast to the grass on the ledge in 3ft…..BOOM…2.5lb largemouth. Moments later my client caught another fish at the edge of the grass before it drops off. The fish were sitting right on the drop. We fished further into the creek casting to the gass…..nada. I motored back up to the area we caught a couple fish and pulled out my texas rig with red plum ole monster worm. Sitting in the channel and casting to the boulders on the drop we had 2 more bites, but did not land any.

    I moved over to the big point on the right at the mouth of Fall Creek. After parking the boat in the channel in 20ft we made long cast with a pearl Zoom fluke and a Strike King rattle trap in shad pattern. With our lures landing in front of the grass near the green channel buoy we retrieve slowly hoping for schoolers to attack…..nada. This spot seems to be better in the afternoon when it is hot.

    I motored to the back of Spring Creek and fished the right channel swing before the long point comes out in front of the finger coves. Pitching plum and apple Zoom ribbontail Texas worms into the grass and working back we had 2 bites, but never hooked up. The day before with clients we had one decent keeper on this bank. The boat was in 8-12ft while we pitched into 2-4ft around boulders.

    I cruised back down lake and stopped at the second cut through. I scanned a few fish on the channel ledge at the mouth and tossed a buoy in 14ft. We backed off and tried our big plastic worms with zero success. I trolled to the right point with the boudlers continued with our plastic worms.10 yards down the bank I set the hook after a good bite, had a fish on for a couple seconds, and then he got off. We continued down the bank without another bite.

    Next we fished at the mouth of Lamar Hill. Starting on the left point at the mouth we began with a black buzzbait and the same red worm. Sitting in 5ft and casting into 1ft we fished for 100 yards before we had our first bite on the red worm, but he got off. Moments later my client had another bass on in the grass. But he got wrapped up and got off! We fished 50 yards further and called it a day.

    All in all, another tough day! This year the hot dog days of summer hit early. Usually it is not this tough yet. However, it is pouring rain right now and we should have some flash floods. First thing in the morning I will be heading to the backs of the creeks and coves with run-off access. Hopefully this rain will make it to the creeks and start a feeding frezy!

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