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  • Posted by Brian on July 31, 2014 at 6:52 pm

    Yesterday I fished from 6am-1pm. It was a tough day. We fished shallow and deep for schooling bass and stationed bass on ledges, humps, and points.

    Our first spot was the left bank at the mouth of Bryants Grove cove. Starting near the green buoy and fishing towards Long Hunter boat ramp, we tried white and black buzzbaits into 1ft of water. We fished about 200 yards without a bite. Using my side imaging I scanned behind us a little deeper. After marking bass I backed out into 14ft and started casting 1/2oz shaky heads with Paca Craws(green/purple). Casting into 8ft-10ft and dragging slowly over boulder rocks we had 4 bites and caught 1. There were a lot of bass there holding on that deeper rock pile….we probably should have stayed longer, but I got the topwater itch and decided to move.

    We moved to the first drop-off on the left after the cut through between Bryants Gove and Four Corners. Once we motored out of the 70ft channel into 8ft we started casting our buzzbaits into shallow water again. The bank is loaded with boulder rocks. We put the boat in 6ft and cast into 1ft on top of huge rocks. After 100 yards of casting…nada.

    Motored behind Hong Kong to fish our long point with shaky heads with Trick Worms(sour/grape color) and Paca Craws. Sitting in 15ft and casting on top of point in 13ft…..nothing there either. We did see a few schooling bass on the surface, but nothing consistent.

    I made the long run behind Smyrna pump house. As we pulled up there was shad covering the flats. I told my customer we were going to try fishing in 1ft, it seemed a little weird to him. I tied on buzzbaits again and we started casting as far as we could on the flat. With shad skipping everywhere and random bass busting here and there, I felt we were about to wear them out! I made a long cast to a log I could barely see under the water in 1ft. As the black buzzbait passed the log, BOOM! 2.5lb largemouth. The next 45 minutes we had 5 more strikes around any cover(logs and old weed stick ups) on black and white buzzbaits, but none of the rest would stay hooked up. Probably should have tied on a Minnow2.5 in Thread Fin color stayed in the schools of shad for while.

    We moved to the mouth of Larmar Hill. On the right flat before the boat ramp there was bait EVERYWHERE. We fished and fished and fished with shaky heads, shad raps and flukes…nada.

    Lastly, I drove to Pooles Knob boat ramp and scanned the bank to the left(towards Fate Sanders). As the rocky bank ended and we entered the flat there was shad and surface activity all over……big fish too. We only had 10 minutes, but in that time we wished we had longer. I had one bass on a 4″ shad swimbait that got off. I would make a long cast with my swimbait, let it sink to the bottom and then slowly reel it in. I tried to chase other schools, but they seemed to always be out of out reach. I kept the boat in 10ft and cast to the bank and out into 15ft. Wishing we had more time we had to pack it up. I would have loved to have stayed longer. Those fish seemed to be the most aggressive of the day. I bet that evening around 5pm-6pm it was a riot there.

    Hope y’all wear them out! Post how you do!

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