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  • July 4th — Happy 4th!!!!

    Posted by Brian on July 4, 2015 at 3:38 pm

    Happy 4th to everyone! Take some time today to think about the freedom we have in this country. I am thankful for the freedom to raise my children, love my wife, be an open christian, and live in a country where I can fish for living! God Bless America!!!

    Yesterday I fished from 10am-3pm. The water was up 6″ and 80 degrees, but still clear all the way up to Jefferson Pike bridge where it tuned to chocolate milk. I was going to go down lake, but with the recent rain I decided to try up lake where there would be current. I started just before the Weakley lane bridge on right side of the channel. When the water is rising there is usually increased current behind the bridge due to the water filtering through the narrow opening. I scanned 100 yards of the ledge from 12ft-18ft and marked some bass on top of and on ledge drop off. Parking the boat in 20ft-30ft we cast 1/4oz shaky heads with Zoom Trick worm in green pumpkin/red flake and 5/16oz swing head jig with Net Bait Craw in green pumpkin into 10ft. First cast…BOOM..2lb on craw!!! 2 cast later….POW…2.5lb!!! The next hour we sat in the same spot and caught 8 more fun, but short bass.

    Our second spot was the main channel left point of Lamar Hill. We scanned some bass sitting in 6ft-12ft. There was bait and life everywhere above and below the surface. With the boat in 16ft-23ft we made long cast into 6ft dragging our plastics back slowly. We could feel rocks and wood halfway back in about 10ft. Just 5 minutes into the ledge we stuck our first short bass on the craw. As we came to the end of the bank(towards the opening of the Lamar Hill) we started casting way out on the point that extend into the creek channel. Sitting in 18ft and casting into 8ft we started catching one after another!!! Some were short and some were 2lbs. After catching 8 or so I picked up my Strike King 6xd(citrus shad) and made a long cast towards the back of Lamar. I reeled the bait down 4 time…BOOM..2lb! Next cast I reeled down 1 time…..SLAM..1.5lb! I tied a Norman Deep Little N in shad color on my clients rod and he made a few cast towards the point. Then it happened…KABOOM!!! He hooked into a giant! He fought the giant for over a minute on his spinning reel and finally got him up to the boat for me to net…5+lb!!! The next 45 minutes we fished the same spot catching 6-8 more smaller, but fun fish.

    I cruised across the channel to the bluff wall/flat transition. I marked some bass in 10ft on the transition. We backed out into 20ft and made cast with our crankbaits and soft plastics. After 20 minutes with no bites it was time to move.

    Next we moved into Spring Creek. After motoring down the long stretch at the mouth and turned to the right to the back of the cove. The wind was blowing in perfectly! Once the boat settled we could see bait and bass busting everywhere. I tied on shallow Bandit 100 crankbaits in shad color and a 1/2oz Strike King red eye rattle traps in sexy shad. Casting to the bank we caught several short bass and one keeper on the rattle trap. Most of the fish were smaller, but the action was fun. We tried poppers, but was only able to catch one short bass.

    A storm was rolling in and we had to call it a day. All and all…..AWESOME DAY!!! We caught over 25 bass and had a ball! Side and down scan is huge this time of year!!! Call if you need any teaching. Have a happy 4th!


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