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  • Posted by Brian on July 6, 2017 at 2:36 am

    Yesterday I fished a Fourth of July local tournament on Old Hickory Lake. We launched from Flippers at 5am and was due in at 11 a.m. There was about 25 to 30 boats that took off into the rain. Fishing with BCGS guide, Justin Armstead, we took a left out of Flippers and headed straight up the river near Cairo Bend boat ramp. It was pouring rain during the run and when we stopped we both tied on buzzbaits. I had on a Hoppy’s Tally Whacker 1/2ounce in black with a trailer hook. We focused on coves and pockets just off of the main channel. There was a lot of current in the main channel with 1 foot visibility at 73-74°. As we approached coves and pockets would kept the boat in 6-8 feet of water while casting to wood or grass on the points and in the cove 30 yards. After we fished the mouth and just a little bit in we would cruise up to the next pocket or island that had the same cover. It appeared the bass were not only on the main channel, but were inside the pockets just out of the current where it wasn’t so strong. For the second half of the morning Justin fished a Texas Rig red and plum ole monster ribbon tail worm and was very successful fishing behind the buzzbait. Near Bledsoe we pulled into one cove and caught a 3, 4, and 5lb… giving us 12lbs roughly for our third place finish for the day! We continued up and fished another cove catching a few at the mouth and one or two in the back. We also cruised up a couple miles from Bledsoe and fished the island in the middle of the channel. We focused on the wood on the upper side of the island catching 6-8 bass, but never one big enough to cull what we had in the live well. After a couple hours we came down to fish are cove that produced earlier, but there was a boat pulling up at the same time and I didn’t feel like having that conversation about why I wanted to fish in there. So, I just let him have it in went up near the steam plant and fished the big pillars at the water intake where there’s flowing water coming out from the boardwalk over the water. We never caught any fish there, but then cruised across the channel to an island with wood in front of it in 2-4 ft of water and caught a couple short fish there and 2 keepers. With an hour left we came back down towards Flippers and focused on the island just passed the 109 bridge. We fished all the wood in front and out in the middle of the flat closest to the bridge having one fish on that got off quickly, not sure if it was big. It was an awesome day we probably caught 15 to 20 bass, including 8 keepers or so. It was nice to go over there do something different and finish well the tournament. Look forward to getting back. We’ll see how the guys do in the BFL tournament this weekend.

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