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  • Posted by Brian on July 9, 2017 at 3:03 am

    Yesterday I fished Percy Priest Lake from 6-12pm. Fishing for bass we had fair day. The water was up 2 feet, but fortunately the clarity was goos while we stayed around Fate Sanders down to Bryant’s Grove. The water was the low 80s. The one variable that changed tremendously was the current. There was current ripping throughout the entire lake in the main channel. Be careful there’s a lot of logs and debris floating. We started behind Hong Kong Island throwing shallow chartreuse squarebill crankbaits and Hoppy’s black 1/2 ounce Tally Whacker buzzbait. Fishing the right side behind Hong Kong we focused around the islands casting in 2 to 4 feet of water. We had one keeper blow up on a buzzbait and made himself into the live well. This was on the island out in the middle alone. We fished 45 minutes back there without another bite decided to move. Next we cruised pass the LaVergne Pump House and started fishing the left bank. We finished a hundred yards into the Four Corners cut through throwing our buzzbaits, plastic ol monster ribbon tail worms Texas Rig, and crankbaits. Without any success there we cruised up further behind Four Corners in to Savage branch and looked at a spring. The spring is back in the bay in Savage branch in the middle in 12ft. There was no water or fish around the spring so we headed back up lake and stopped at the hump/point across from Bryant’s Grove boat ramp. We marked some bass and there were a lot of fish surfacing around the PVC pole on the point. Most of the fish were white bass and other species, but we managed to get several bites on the channel side of the point and catch a couple there. We threw deep-diving crankbaits Strike King series 5, plastic worms, and topwater lures. Next week cruised further up lake and fished the Weakley lane bridge pillar. Focusing on the left pillar there was current ripping past. Luckily the water was clear and there were fish coming up and schooling every few minutes. We were able to catch four or five of these but saw a lot more action than we got. We caught our fish on green pump weightless sinkos fish wacky style, Zara Spook, and poppers. We finished up at the first cut through on the left side with the long shoal that comes out. Fishing around the PVC pole that’s under the water just a bit we cast Norman deep little N’s in green and chartreuse and shad pattern. We sat there for 45 minutes and caught five or six, almost all of them being keepers. These fish were up near the bank in 5 – 6 feet of water. They like to sit when there’s current so they can position themselves to feed. There’s not a lot of current like in the main channel, but just enough that cuts through the islands to create a assembly line of food that passes by. As we reached our time to leave we packed it up and headed to the marina. All and all it was a tough day, but we were able to catch a few here and there.

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