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  • Posted by Brian on June 13, 2018 at 2:55 am

    Last night I fished the Monday night tournament with BCGS guide, Eric Dickens. We had a fun night catching fish at most of the areas we fished.

    We started in the back of Stewarts Creek passed the 2nd boat ramp on the riprap bank. I tried a Norman Deep Little N crankbait the entire time while Eric tried a 3/16oz shaky head with Zoom red bug trick worm and a shad pattern squarebill crankbait. We kept the boat in 6ft to 9ft and cast to the point across from the rip rap along with the riprap. It took 25 minutes of casting before we were able to get the fish fired up. After the first bite which was a 3.5lb, the next cast was a 2lb, and the next cast was a 4lb that got off at the boat. The feeding stopped and we had to start scraping up our keepers. We fished another 30 minutes without a bite and decided to go further back into the creek. The water temperature back there was 84 degrees with 1.5ft visibility. We idled up to second rip rap bank and shut the motor off. We fished with the same lures on the left side of the channel in 4-8 feet of water. There are scattered stumps along the creek channel ledge. We fished the stumps for 20 minutes and finally caught our 3rd keeper, a 2.5lb on a squarebill crankbait. There was another fish following the bass so we stayed around and tried to catch other schoolers. We had no success and motored back to where we started. Right off the bat throwing the same crankbait(Norman deep little n) in shad color pattern I caught another keeper about 3 lbs. We fished for 20 minutes or so catching another short fish and then deciding to leave.

    We motor to the island at the no-wake buoys in front of Fate Sanders. With our shaky heads and crankbaits in the same colors….except I threw a pumpkin ring fry. I had one bite that I did not connect with…… but that was it.

    Next, we moved over to the point almost directly across from Fate Sanders. This point would to the direction of 11am if you’re coming out of the no wake zone. We went down the boulder rock bank with the boat and 8 foot and casting into 2-3ft without a bite.

    With an hour left when moved over to the left point of Lamar Hill Cove. We kept the boat in casting distance to the bank with 1/2oz ounce black spinner baits with a black Colorado blade and a shaky head with a green pumpkin ribbontail 7-inch made by Zoom. We caught three keepers there including a 2lb and 2.5lb. We went back and forth catching two more short fish before we head in at 9:50 p.m. We finished in second place for 13.5lbs! The only way we could have won is if I did not lose that 4 + pounder and Eric would have successfully landed a quality fish he tried to swing in the boat. All in all it was a extremely fun evening and nice to win a little money.

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