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  • Posted by Brian on June 2, 2016 at 2:45 pm

    After taking the Memorial weekend off I was back on the lake Tuesday and Wednesday. Fishing almost the exact same spots each day we whacked the bass!!!

    Yesterday we launched at 2pm. The water temperature was 85 degrees….what a change from 10 days ago. With the recent hot weather the bass are in full summer pattern! I motored to the big long point at the mouth of Stewarts Creek(not the one on the right just inside the creek). I scanned with my Gen 1 HDS10 the entire point and found a large school of bass out near the tip! With 30ft on each side of the point we cast Strike King 6XD in green shad and 5/16oz shaky heads with green pumpkin/green flake and red bug Zoom trick worms into 10ft on top of the point. Right off the bat…BOOM, the strike king hook into a 3lb! Moments later on top of the rock….GULP…the red trick worm hooked up with a 2lb, but the fish hung himself around a rock. I grabbed my clients rod and gave it a pull, freeing the lure and the fish! I handed the rod back to the 15yr old boy and let him fight the fish in! We fished around the point from different angles for a while and then hook hooked into a 4+lb on the crankbait again! After 30 minutes and only and a few more bites we packed it up and headed to another spot.

    Over at Jones Mill Cove I started scanning the long point on the left near the green channel buoy. Out in front of the buoy 10 yards and to the right(towards the abandoned boat ramp) I marked another large school of bass! We parked the boat in the 30ft while we made long cast with the 3 deep crankbaits near the buoy. After 20 minutes we only caught one fish, a decent keeper. Frustrated because I knew there were tons of bass down there, I tied on a shaky head with red trick worm and plum Zoom ole monster ribbon tail worms(10.5″). Casting to the exact same spots…..BOOM…POW….SLAM! We started catching bass every few cast out of 8ft-10ft. We had another 4lb, a couple 3lbs, and tons of short bass!!! After the bite died down we moved to a shallow spot since it was cloudy and starting to rain.

    I cruised to the second cut through and tied on sexy shad poppers. With the boat in 3ft-5ft we fished the entire cut through without a bite. We fished the shallow rocks, stumps, and laydowns…..nada!

    I decided to try the back of Stewarts Creek past the boat ramp in the back. I have not been back there in a couple months. The water temperature was 86 and there was slime and trash everywhere on the surface. I had both clients fishing poppers as we fished the backside of the island across from the ramp in 1ft-2ft. There were shad flickering the surface, but we never had any action. We trolled over to the rip rap and tied on Bandit 100’s(purple shad and blue/chart). We started making long cast to the opposite bank where there are 2 stumps out of the water. While sitting in 5ft-6ft we cast into 2ft, retrieving over boulder rocks we caught 2, including a 3+lb! After 30 minutes I caught a 4lb out in the middle of the channel on a june bug Bombshell Turtle( fished on a shaky head!

    We idled further back into the creek, passed the next rip rap to the flat on the left. Continuing with our crankbaits and now a sexy shad 1/2oz rattle trap. We staying in the channel and cast to the flats, stumps, and rocks. We caught 5 more including another 4lb and 3lb!

    All and all, awesome trip! We caught fish almost everyone where went and had a lot of quality bites! Glad the summer bite is here!

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