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  • Posted by Brian on June 20, 2016 at 3:10 pm

    Saturday I had an evening trip that went out Seven Points. With plans of staying down lake until dark we moved around quickly trying to find a school of quality bass.

    We started 500 yards straight out from the boat ramp. There is a long point that comes out from the bank to the creek channel and drops into 20+ft. On the tip of the point before it drops off it is 11ft-15ft with big boulders and a few stumps. I tossed a buoy out at the tip of the point where I marked a few fish. We backed off and started making long cast with our 1/4oz shaky heads with green pumpkin and red bug worms and a Strike King 6xd in the yellow bass pattern. The water temperature was 86 degrees with 2ft visibility. The Zoom Trick worms had several bites, but we were never able to hook up. After 30 minutes we idled towards the mouth of the Suggs Creek. I scanned the long point at the green channel buoy that comes out from the bluff wall on the right. In 15ft at the tip of the point we marked a few more bass with a school of bait. Again, I tossed my buoy and we tried to trigger some bites with the same lures. We had a couple bites, but were never able to hook up.

    I cruised out of Suggs Creek to Hole in the Wall bluff. We stopped at the north point near the red channel buoy. There is a long sandy point that comes out from the point and drops into the channel. I parked the boat in 25ft and we started making long cast with our shaky heads and a 5/16oz wobble head with blk/blu Big Bite Craw. With out baits landing in 6ft-10ft and dragging back slowly to the drop off where there are a few boulders, we were able to get a few bites. We only saw 2 of them, but one was a 3lb that came out of 10ft on the craw. We had a lot of bites where the bass would just nail the lure once….then nothing.

    Our next spot was across the channel to the long sandy point that comes out from that bluff wall. Again, we started near the green channel buoy and worked to the rock point. While sitting in 14ft-18ft and casting to 4ft….nada.

    Next was under the bridge to the left in the shallower cove. Sitting in 10ft and casting to the boulder rocks in 4ft-6ft with the same lures we fished 100 yards a without a bite and then pulled up the trolling motor up.

    Finally we got some action at the big island on the left if you were coming out of Four Corners Marina. On the side facing Hobson Pike bridge we focused on the long point that comes out to the red channel buoy. I parked the boat in 20ft-25ft and we continued with our plastic trick worms and craws. Fishing to the red channel buoy and 50 yards passed trying to stay casting distance away from the 5ft-20ft drop off we caught 4 and lost several others. There are tons of rocks and wood on this ledge!

    It was starting to get dark so we headed back to Suggs Creek and tried a shallow bank. Casting to the bank across from the long point with the green channel buoy we fished earlier we had several more bites without landing a fish. This bank is directly across the channel from the channel buoy and the channel swings up against it. We sat in 8ft and cast into 2ft…couple bites without and hook ups.

    All and all…tough! I LOVE some of the spots we fished and regularly have success on them, but not today. It was frustrating not to be able to find an active school which has been so easy recently up lake.

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