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  • Posted by Brian on June 23, 2015 at 12:56 am

    Today I had the pleasure to fish with 3 great guys from Murfreesboro.

    Fishing from 6am-12pm we focused on deep ledges, humps and points mid and up-lake. We started on the rock hump just across from Fate Sanders Marina in between the two red buoys(the small plastic buoy and big red metal buoy). Sitting in 12ft-15ft and casting into 10ft-12ft we dragged 1/2oz Texas Rig Zoom 7″ pumpkinseed/chart ribbon tail worms, Culpit red shad worms, and 1/2oz shaky heads with June Bug Zoom Trick worms. We sat there for 45 minutes and caught 4 small fish and lost a few decent ones.

    Next we moved over to the Stewarts Creek main point. Sitting in the channel in 18ft-22ft and casting on top of the point in 12ft from the tip of the point out in the channel to the begging of the point near the bank with the same lures, we caught 3 including 1 keepers around 2.5lbs.

    I idled to the Weakley Lane bridge and we switched baits to a pearl Zoom fluke and sinkos, both fishing weightess. Fishing the left pillar it was slow with only 3 fish in 20 minutes.

    Across from Bryants Grove boat ramp we fished the point/hump. Sitting in 30ft and casting towards the white PVC pole into 8ft-10ft we caught 3 more short fish on the same Texas Rigs and shaky heads. We had several bites here where the bass would not hold on to our worms.

    Across the lake over to the Bryants Gove bluff wall point I sat way off the point and cast towards the green buoy into 15ft. Dragging back to the boat keeping our worms in 15ft-17ft the entire time, we caught 3 including a 5.5lb on a 1/2oz shaky head with a green pumpkin/red flake Trick worm!!!

    I cruised down lake to the the green buoy east of Mouse Tail Island on the point of the bluff wall. I kept the boat in the channel around 30ft-40ft and we cast our soft plastics and a 3/4oz blk/blu football jig into 8ft-12ft. My client with the jig quickly set the hook on a HOG!!!! He fought the monster to the boat for 30 seconds as I scrabbled for the next. As the fish neared the boat it made a run and bent the hook, freeing himself!!!!! It was a big bummer. We fished the ledge for another 25 minutes with 1 more fish and then decided to move on.

    Jones MIll point at the green buoy was on today! Fishing directly in front of the buoy and 20 yards to the left and right of the buoy we caught 10, including another 3.5lb! This was at around 11am and the fish really started to feed. In addition to the soft plastics producing I caught 5 on the Alabama-Rig to the right of the buoy! The boat sat in 20ft-30ft the entire time while we cast into 6ft-12ft.

    Back to the hump in between the 2 buoys across from Fate Sanders….nada! I was hope to catching them schooling.

    Then back to the bridge with our flukes and sinkos, it was on. The fish were feeding aggressively in the shade and we were able to land maybe 8 more!

    All and all good day. Saw a few big ones, lost a few big ones and caught a lot of short fish! Good times setting the hook!

    jard replied 9 years ago 3 Members · 3 Replies
  • 3 Replies
  • krogers79

    June 23, 2015 at 1:53 pm

    Brian, I am glad you are putting your clients on fish…but you are adding to my frustration. 😀 I fished all of those same spots from 6-10:30 p.m. (except the Weakley lane bridge)…with the exact same baits. I managed 6 shorts and 1 keeper and the keeper came out of 2 ft of water at 9 p.m. last night. I all but knew I was missing out on the bite yesterday afternoon when I saw deer feeding in bean fields at 3:30 in the afternoon when it was 98 degrees. As we were coming back in last night someone said it took 17 lbs to win the Monday night tourney…which furthered my frustration. 😀 I don’t recall ever having such a crappy streak of unproductive trips. The last 3 weeks have been nothing short of humbling for me.

  • garb31

    June 24, 2015 at 12:55 am

    I noticed that you seem to fish the upper part a lot, is the lower part say from Hopkins pike bridge up to the dam not as good to fish? New to forums and fishing on Percy priest so just wondering.

  • jard

    June 24, 2015 at 2:27 am

    Ive been catching a bunch of fish on jones mill green buoy lately! I caught 4 keepers on 5 casts last friday. I’m still just baffled by the green buoy on the point at bryants grove. Fished it again and still didnt catch anything there. Literally hav enot caught a single fish there this year.

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