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  • Posted by Brian on June 24, 2016 at 3:20 am

    Went out last night from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Fishing with BCGS guide, Trey Neal and Justin Armstead, we boated around 10 fish with not much size. We started Mid-lake between Savage Branch and Bird Island along the west shoreline. The channel swings up against the bank here. We parked the boat in 6 foot with the channel behind while we cast to the shoreline into 3ft-4ft. The water temperature was 86 degrees. Fishing with a Hoppy’s 1/2oz purple night spinnerbait with a gold Colorado blade, 1/4oz shaky Head with green/black Trick worm, and a 5/16oz wobble head with a Big Bite Bait black/blue craw, we boated two largemouths and lost a couple more on the spinnerbait. After we thoroughly fished the bank we moved to the back of Savage Branch where there’s an old fence row that runs in 3ft. This row of rocks is about 50 yards long right behind the left island on the far bank when you’re leaving four corners. Casting the same lures we caught two more and a big drum. All of these came off of the Trick worm and craw. Next we move to Bird Island and fished around the little rock Island just south of the Big Island. Parking the boat in 6 to 8 feet and casting to 2 to 3 feet we caught two more bass on the spinnerbait and 2 more on the soft plastics. On the back side of the island there’s a bunch of big rocks that come way out maybe 30 yards….this is where we got our bites. Our next spot was over at the fireman’s Hall. This is the forth point on the right if you’re coming out of Four Corners. This point is covered with boulders that run 100 yards out and drop off into the main channel. I parked the boat in 6ft while we cast into 3ft dragging and retrieving slowly. After 45 minutes……….nada. Our last spot was the cove on the right before the Hobson Pike Bridge. We fished 2 areas in that cove, the first was the boulder rocks at the mouth of the cove in the middle. The boulders are in 3ft-5ft. We sat in 8ft and cast to the rocks with just our soft plastic Trick worms and craws catching 2 more short bass. The second area we fished in the cove was the first point on the left that leads to the back of he cove. We sat in 8ft-14ft while we cast to the point that runs out 20 yards. Once again, 2 more short bass on a Rage craw black/blue fished Texas rig. It was 1am and everyone was pretty tired so we packed it up.

    All and all, okay trip. We did not catch many and never got into any big fish(except for the 3+lb I caught on the Fate Sanders dock before we launched!). I have heard that the bass in Hamilton Creek around the Anderson Rec boat ramp have been biting …….big smallies and largemouths.

    I’ll be out tomorrow 3-730pm to hopefully jump into a hungry school of bass!!!

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