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  • Posted by Brian on June 26, 2016 at 3:37 pm

    Yesterday after a crappie trip with my 87 year old regular client where we caught 9 keepers on the long point in front of Long Hunter cove, I picked up my bass rid’s to get some video.

    The first place I stopped was the north point of Mouse Tail island, but I did not fish the side where the channel is. I fished the opposite side where there is a small rock plastic buoy. The water temperature was 87 degrees when I dropped the trolling motor into 15ft. I tried to keep the boat in 14ft-16ft while I cast my Strike King 6XD yellow bass crankbait. I was diggin rocks for 15 minutes before…bam! I hooked into a 2+lb largemouth. A fewminutes later I made a long cast where I was snagging the bottom for several seconds until I ripped it free…POW!!!! BIGGIN!!! I leaned back on the fish and knew I had a good one. I fought the fish to the boat and reached down and lipped a 5.5lb largemouth! I fished the drop off for 15 more minutes and then left to try anf get video somewhere else.

    Next I traveled under Hobson Pike bridge to the north point of Hole in the Wall bluff. Where the bluff ends and the sand starts I startes casting a 1/2oz wobble head with a plum Zoom Ol Monster ribbon tail worm. I kept the boat in 16-25ft and cast 20 yards off the bank to 8ft before dragging down the ledge. I fished 30 yards of bank and missed 2 bass. I scanned the drop andown found 2 schools, but could not get them active.

    I traveled back towards HP bridge and stopped under the power lines on the left. There is a hump that comes up to 13ft with wood on it. I scanned and found a school, but again I could not get them to bite in my 6XD or plum worm.

    I scanned the long point in front of Long Hunter cove and found a few bass on the point, but could not get them to bite either! The fish were sitting near the red channel buoy on the tip of point.

    I cruised over to Bryants Grove Cove and scanned for 25 minutes around the red channel buoy. There is a mud/sand hump there with a lot of wood. I finally found several bass in 13ft on the drop sitting together. I tossed a marker buoy and backed off. Casting my plum worm on my 3rd cast I set the hook on a 2.5lb largemouth! Excited, I thought I was about to catch several more from the school, but I never had another bite.

    I scanned a few more places…..hump in front of Hong Kong Island, hump across from Bryants Gove boat ramp, and rock hump around single cypress across from Bryants Grove cove…nada.

    My last spot was the first left point inside Four Corners no wake zone. Sitting in 16ft I cast a 1/4oz shaky head with 7″ Zoom Trick worm. Casting to the boulder rocks in 2ft-6ft I caught another 2lb.

    All and all…okay day. I did not catch many, but had 4 keeps 11-12lbs. I was a little frustrated because I found a lot if fish on my down and side imaging, but could not get them to bite. However, that’s how the summer bite works. Someone probably pulled in behind me 10 minutes later and whacked them!

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