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  • June 27 – Friday Report

    Posted by Brian on June 28, 2014 at 3:45 am

    First…sorry for the late report. I have been on the water from 530am -830pm and can barely keep my eyes open. Nevertheless, I do have a good report to post!

    My first trip this morning was very tough. I fished with 2 guys and we tried to duplicate the success we have been having the last couple trips. In a nut shell, we fished the back of Stewarts Creek again with 1/2oz chorme red eye shad rattle traps and 3/16oz shaky heads with green pumpkin/purple flake Trick Worms and only caught 2 short fish.

    We fishing the back of Fall Creek near the 840 bridge with the same lures and caught 2 short fish.

    We also fished the back of Spring Creek with shaky heads and poppers with 2 short bass.

    Then we motored to the Weakley Lane bridge and caught just 1 bass on a white Zoom Fluke. We noticed some bass feeding on the hump just north of the bridge on the left and caught 4 short bass in 10ft-12ft. I would keep the boat in 15ft near channel.

    NOW, my second trip was a whole lot different! I went back out with the guys I fished with a few days ago when we caught 40 bass! We thought we would try and evening trip this time. With the morning bite being slow I did not know what to expect, but hoped they would fire up for an evening feeding.

    We started in the back of Stewarts Creek again with plans of casting rattle traps and topwater. As we arrived to the 5th channel turn after the back boat ramp, we saw a few bass feed on the surface. We started chucking our rattle traps and poppers and within 10 minutes I knew they were not as active as I hoped. I tied on shaky heads for everyone with our green pmk/prple flake and told them to keeping casting into the 2ft water and dragging back to the boat in 8ft. Within 5 minutes we had our first fish on, a giant that broke the line at the boat. It was a bummer, but the next cast he hooked into a 3.5lb largemouth… that helped! The next 1 hour we caught over 15 bass and probably lost just as many. They all came out of 4ft-5ft of water on Zoom Trick worms. After the bite died we trolled to the closest mud flat that we passed and caught 4 more! We tried a few areas around the boat ramp with no success.

    I motored to the long point behind Hong Kong Island(to the left behind HK island) and park the boat in 13ft. We saw a few schools of bass feeding on the surface and chucked our rattle traps, catching a few short bass. One of my clients picked up his shaky head again and made a long cast. BOOM….it was on again!!!! For the next 2 hours I kept the boat in 12ft-16ft and cast into boulder rocks in 8ft-10ft. We caught over 20 bass that were in a feeding frenzy. We probably caught 3-4 keepers……most were 13″-14″, but what a ball!

    We only fished those few spots…..hope you guys wear them out this weekend!

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  • ibdally111

    June 28, 2014 at 1:52 pm

    I took your advice and headed to Stewarts creek wed night and did really well. We started on the left bank at the second cove out of the ramp and worked our way to the last cove with the picnic area. We picked up two short bass on rattletraps. I had a dandy crappie and it looked like they were sitting on brush in deeper water. We fished the ski course on the right side bank with no fish. We worked our way back to the long point/channel bend directly across from the SC boat ramp and found a great school of feeding bass. We ended up catching 16 in a hour…6:30 to 7:30 the water just kept boiling with small bass. None of the fish were large, only a few keepers out of the bunch. When they slowed down on the rattle traps we started throwing 3 inch grubs green red flake at them and caught several more.

    I headed out on Thursday afternoon to do some scouting on some of the coordinates Brian has provided. Put in at Stewarts creek again. Took the next 2 hours to just ride the lake and check it out, I have not fished mid lake much. Hit the hump across from Bryant’s Grove ramp and caught two short bass on a shakey head. Hit the Jones Mill ramp with no fish. Hit sister cove only 1 small bass that I lost. Hit the back of Stewarts with one short fish on shakey head. Went back to the mouth of the ski course and found a large school of white bass and picked up 6 on a blade bait…lost several also. Could not find schooling LM bass but it was mid day and hot. I ended up back at the spot I did so well at on wed night and caught a few short fish on the same 3 inch grub I used the day before. I had to head out at 5 but sure would have liked to fish that late evening bite again. Thanks for the reports Brian, they are helping me stretch the lake.

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