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  • June 28 Night report

    Posted by Brian on June 28, 2015 at 1:32 pm

    Friday night I fished the Fate Sanders tournament from 7-12am. We finished 3rd with big smallmouth. It was a fun night where we caught a lot of fish, lost a lot, and had 2 hair under short fish that would have made the difference.

    After we launched we headed straight to the back of Stewart’s Creek past the back boat ramp and started fishing the point across from the rip rap. I would have lost a lot of money on a bet that we would have caught at least one if not several good fish back there. However, live and learn…nada! We fished for 20 minutes with Norman Little-N shad color mid-crankbaits(you can buy these in the Fate Sanders $2 box) and brown jigs with no bites.

    A big storm was moving in and instead of trying spots further back we headed out towards the mouth of the creek to be closer to Fate Sanders if need be. We stopped on the rock hump in between the red buoys(which has been consistently productive)…nada. Granted it was hard to fish because the wind was ripping through and our rods started crackling because of the electricity in the air……freaky!!! We tried 1/2oz swing head jigs with Net Bait Craws in green pumpkin/red flake and A-rigs there.

    We moved over to the long point at the mouth of Stewarts Creek. Sitting in 18ft-20ft and casting all around the point(tip to base) with a swing head jig, a-rig, and Strike King 6xd citrus color……nada.

    The rain was moving in, but the electricity seemed to be dying off. We moved to the point/hump across from Bryants Grove boat ramp. Now this is where it got a little crazy. The wind really picked up and the rain started coming down like cats and dogs!!! For 45 minutes we got SOAKED while casting to the PVC pole on the hump. I kept the boat in 30ft while we cast into 6ft-9ft with our craws and shaky heads. During that time we caught 5 short fish and missed a few. The rain FINALLY stopped and we packed it up.

    We had 2 hours left and decided to try the cove on the right before the Hobson Pike bridge. Fishing the left point going into the deep part of the cove we caught our first keeper 3lb largemouth on a 1/2oz swing head jig with Net Bait craw in 8ft of water. We fished all around the point and down the bank sitting in 8ft-12ft and casting towards the bank. The next hour we caught 6 more including a couple fish just under keeper size. I caught all of mine on the swing head jig and my partner caught several on a black/purple 3/4oz Hoppy’s spinnerbait.

    With 45 minutes to go we cruised over to the back of Bird Island(island on left just before Hobson Pike bridge). Starting on the point we made our first cast…….BOOM. My parnter hooked into a hog! We could see it jumping near the bank and knew we needed that fish. My partner fought it to the boat and we netted an almost 4lb smalljaw! He caught it on his blk/purp spinnerbait just slow rolling it. The next 5 cast I catch 5 fish on my swing head craw, but they were all short. We continued down the bank missing several and then catching another keeper largemouth on the spinnerbait! The remaining of time we caught fish after fish, but most were short. With just a few minutes left I told my partner lets go hit that point where you caught that big boy one more time. I idled back to the point and made a long cast with my spinnerbait…..BOOM…FISH ON!!! I fight a good fish to the boat and net a nice smallmouth! No matter how we fanned the tail it was 1/8″ short of keeper….bummer!

    We headed in, weighed our fish and had enough for 3rd and big smallmouth. FUN night!

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