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  • Posted by Brian on June 4, 2017 at 4:31 pm

    A few days ago I fished out of Flippers with two clients. We were in search for some big bass, but struggled most of the day. We started off just inside of Spencer Creek on the 1st row of docks and riprap on the right. I was going to focus on the main river channel and ledges, but found the water to be stained and 5-8 degrees cooler than outside the channel. There was also a ton of current and debris floating down the lake which killed that pattern for me. Casting shaky heads with big Zoom old monster Plum worms and striking 5 x D’s we fished the riprap and docks for 45 minutes marking fish, but only getting one short fish to bite a crankbait front of a grass-bed in 6ft. Next we moved over to Station Camp and fished the long point out in front of the duck blind just inside the mouth. With the boat in 18 – 25 ft and casting into 10 – 12 we never had a bite. Water temperature was 77 degrees inside the channel and 72-73 in the main channel. I pulled up the trolling motor and motored down to the left point at the mouth of Ski Cove. Casting plastic worms and crankbaits into 6ft and bringing out to 12ft we had no success. Next we moved down lake further and tried one spot across from Cages Bend on the main channel. Moments after fishing we pulled up the trolling motor because it was too cool and there was too much debris. I motored up lake all the way to Goo Goo Cove on the right passed the steam plant. This is the Cove under the power lines. Fishing 3/4 of the cove with weightless sinkos in green pumpkin and shaky heads 1/4 ounce with red bug trick worms we caught 3 and maybe one keeper. Had the boat in 5-8 ft the entire time casting in the 1-3 ft. The water temperature was 78 degrees. Next i motored across the channel to the cove one up from the Steam Plant on the left. I fished the entire back bank where there are the deepest rocks. Casting are sinkos and shaky heads we never had a bite. I tried over near the the barges where the barge pillar butts up against a rip rap point on the right. The boat in 10 to 15 ft be cast to the huge barge pillar and the rip rap rocks. Again, we didn’t have any bites. Lastly we fished the mouth of Flippers. Casting to the grass on the right right of the point we had one decent fish come off of plastic worm. All and all, tough day on Old Hickory. Maybe the morning bite is better….we started around 12pm and fished to 4pm. Looking to get up there once the main channel gets 80 degrees to do some big worm and deep cranking on the channel legends.

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