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  • Posted by Brian on June 4, 2015 at 2:08 am

    Today I fished with 3 great guys that were visit from Wisconsin!

    We had great morning catching around 20, including a 5lb, 3lb and couple okay keepers! We start in the Smyrna pumphouse cut through. I have not been here at all this spring and wanted to try it out. With all the rain we have had and the water rising I thought there might be some current in there. After we arrived I quickly noticed some shad flickering on the flat on the right and got excited. I tied on buzzbaits for everyone and we started casting into 1ft-2ft. We fished the entire flat, down 50 yards, over on the other side for 50 yards without a sniff! I said it was time to move.

    Our next spot was the point and hump across from Bryants Grove boat ramp. Fishing with 3/16oz Texas Rigs and 1/4oz shaky heads(Red Bug trick worms and pumpkinseed lizards) we caught 8-10 from the point to the white PVC pole. I had the boat in 25ft-30ft while we cast to 8ft-10ft and dragged back slowly. There were tons of fish on the structure scan! We tried fishing the hump closer to the red channel buoy, but we only caught one there and there was not any fish on the depth finder there. We stayed put right in front of the PVC most of the time.

    Next we moved to the big point off Bryants Grove bluff where we caught fish yesterday. Before we stopped the boat I idled to the green channel buoy way off the point and scanned the out there where there is a 15ft platform in front of and to the right of the buoy. I found some fish sitting on it so we backed off and started casting out worms. In the next hour we caught 6, including a 5lb, 3lb, and several 2+lb!!! After the bite died we trolled back near the point closer to where we fished yesterday. I found the fish still sitting in the same spot 20 yards off the point and through a buoy out. I told the guys to cast right at the buoy. First cast in….BOOM….2lb! The next 30 minutes we pulled 5 more fun size fish.

    Our last spot was towards Hong Kong Island. Fishing the east side of the island before HK where there is a plastic rock twra buoy on a hump, we slowly fished around the buoy casting into 6ft-8ft with out soft plastics. We were able to catch 5 more. None were big, but it was a great way to end the day.

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