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  • Posted by Brian on July 1, 2015 at 11:57 pm

    Yesterday I chased the bass from 6am-10am. It was a slow day for us, but we did manage to catch a few.

    We started at the hump in between the two red buoys just outside Fate Sanders. My client was casting a 1/2oz shaky head with a Culprit 7″ red shad ribbon worm and I was throwing a 1/2oz swing head with green pumpkin craw. We kept the boat in 14ft and chucked into 10ft. First cast my client hooked into and boated a 2lb largemouth! I thought “here we go!” A few cast later I hooked into a fish with my Strike King 6XD citrus color and fought him several seconds before he unbuttoned. We fished for 30 minutes longer and had a few more bites, but they would not hold.

    Next we moved to the Stewarts Creek main channel point….nada

    We idled over to the bridge and missed a few on flukes, but they never fired up.

    We cruised over to Lamar Hill and scanned around the right point marking some bass in 10ft. I dropped the trolling motor and we started casting our 1/2oz shaky heads with red shad Culprit worms and Zoom trick worms in plum color. There was TONS of bait busting and skipping along the surface and near the bottom. Somehow we fished for 40 minutes without a bite while sitting in 10ft-14ft casting into 6ft-10ft!

    Next we moved to Jones Mill point/ledge…nada.

    Over to the hump/point across from Bryants Grove boat ramp. While sitting in front of the PVC pole in 25ft my client caught a short bass on his 1/2oz shaky head with green pumpkin Net Bait Paca Craw in 8ft.

    I moved back up lake into Stewarts Creek to try shallower areas. This time last year I was whacking them back there! We stopped at the rip rap past the back boat ramp and fished the point across. Casting Norman Deep Little N in shad color and our shaky heads with red shad worms….nada. We kept the boat in 10ft and cast into 4ft. We trolled up to the next flat on the right and dragged our worms from 2ft into 6ft….nada. We idled further back to the next flat on the left and tried our soft plastics shallow and around the wood….nada!!!

    At this point I was getting irritated and we were running out of time. I know there were fish on our first spot at the rock hump across from Fate Sanders in between the red buoys so I headed back there. We parked in 14ft and we continued with our soft plastics. The bass were finally feeding a little and we were able to catch 2 more decent fish and had several good bites that would not hold on to our baits.

    All and all. TOUGH! I know it has been tougher on a lot of guys the last few days, but I expected more than we caught. Thinking about fishing more mid and down lake the next few weeks. If it’s going to be tough around Fate….it’s time to mix it up.

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