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  • Posted by Brian on June 8, 2015 at 5:11 am

    Today I fished from 3pm-7:30pm with a nice couple. Fishing for bass we had an okay day.

    With all the boat traffic and the hot sun I wanted to try and get them on some of the schoolers under the bridges(and we could fish in the shade). I drove by the Weakley Lane bridge and headed straight to the Jefferson Pike bridge where I caught several the day before with a few kids. Once we had the bridge in our sights I could see two boat fishing under the bridge. As I pulled up closer I saw that they were only live bait fishing for hybrids and white bass, but there were still sitting where I wanted to be. I put the motor in gear and we headed up to the East Fork bridge. After the pleasant drive we arrived and found no boats fishing the bridge. I tied on pearl and green/shad Zoom flukes weightless and had them cast to the first left bridge pillar. I scanned all the pillars and this was the only one holding fish at that time. While my clients fished in the shade around the bridge I made random cast in the shade with my a-rig. The first few cast I could feel the fish slamming my baits without hooking up. Finally one grabbed hold and I fought him into the boat……2lb white bass. I was letting my a-rig get down about 10ft. Moments later my client caught a short bass on his fluke in the shade around the pillar. 5 minutes after that my other client hooked into a 2+ largemouth, but it jumped and threw the hook. 15 minutes later I caught a decent bass on my rig. We fished for 30 minutes longer, but could not get them fired up again.

    We stopped at the Jefferson Pike bridge and fished the left pillar because there was a boat on the right pillar. After 20 minutes with the same baits and only one bite we decided to move again.

    Our next spot was the Weakley Lane bridge. We fishing the right and left side…..nada.

    I cruised over to the big point in front of Stewarts Creek on the left side. I scanned some fish with my down imaging and tossed a buoy about 100 yards off bank in 13ft of water. I put the boat in 18ft while we started casting on top of the point in 12ft-14ft. For this spot I changed my clients bait to a C-rig with a Culprit red shad 7″ ribbon tail worm and a Texas rig Zoom 7″ trick worm in june bug color pattern. They made several cast to the point dragging back slowly before one of my clients said “I think I;m stuck.” I looked back and it did look like she was stuck, but then the rod pulled down a little. I told her to “set the hook.” At this time the fish started fighting and it was evident she had one on. She fought this giant fish up to the surface and then HER LINE BROKE!!! It killed her and me not to see how big it was. 10 minutes later the man set the hook on a fish and it unbuttoned after 3 seconds of fighting it in. 5 minutes later I set the hook and swung in a 2lb largemouth from the top of the point in 12ft. I was using a Texas rig with a june bug Big Bite craw. We fished for 15 minutes longer while fighting the wind and then decided to make a move.

    We tried the rock hump in 10ft-14ft between the two red buoy just down 300 yards from the Stewarts Creek point. There we set the hook 3 times with our soft plastics and missed each one. The bass were sitting in 10ft on top.

    Our last spot was in the back of Stewart’s Creek. After passing the back boat ramp we stopped at the rip rap on the left. Sitting in 10ft I had my clients cast shad color crankbaits that run 6ft-8ft. They made long cast on top of the point/mud flat across from the rip rap and started retrieving quickly with stops along the way. After 5 minutes….BOOM!!!… client hook into a nice one from up on the flat. He fought the fish to the boat while I got the net ready. Once the fish was close I scooped the almost 4lb largemouth in to the boat. We took a few pictures and started casting again. Moments later he hooked into another fish…..this time a 2lb. I pick up my a-rig and 5 minutes later get slammed by a 2.5lb that I landed! Just minutes later the lady caught a 2.5lb on a Norman Deep Little N shad color. We fish for a few more minutes, but it was getting dark and we had to go in. I was glad to find some fish back there. This time of year is usually on fire back there!

    All and all it was an okay day. It started off kinda slow and with several getting off the line it put the pressure on me. I’m so glad we went into Stewarts Creek! We had an awesome time back there(that I have on my GoPro to share) and it made the day.

    Brian replied 9 years ago 4 Members · 4 Replies
  • 4 Replies
  • frisky97

    June 10, 2015 at 5:49 pm

    Brian, when you talk about the back of Stewart’s Creek back boat ramp, I assume it is the small ramp in front of the National Guard picnic area is that correct?

  • mikenores

    June 10, 2015 at 6:14 pm

    Me, too where is the boat ramp you refer too as the back boat in Stewart’s Creek exactly at ???

  • ajspence2

    June 10, 2015 at 9:21 pm

    it is the only boat ramp in the back of the creek.

  • Brian

    June 11, 2015 at 3:30 am

    The first picture is the correct spot in front of the picnic area.

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