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  • Posted by Brian on June 9, 2016 at 4:37 pm

    Two days ago I fished for 8 hours with one of my regular clients. The fishing was kinda tough even though we caught several fish.

    This was the first day after the front moved through. The air temp was cooler and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. We pulled up to Stewart’s Creek main channel point on the left at the mouth and scanned several bass on the tip of the point in 10ft-12ft. These fish have been very easy to catch, but today we could not get any to strike out baits. I kept the boat in 25ft while we cast Strike King 6XD in sexy shad color and wobble heads with 10″ plum or apple ribbon tail worms(ZOOM). After 30 minutes without a bite I pulled up the trolling motor and moved up to the bridge.

    In front of Weakley lane bridge I scanned the right hump from 8ft-18ft. I could not find any fish on top of the hump, only on the ledge in 12ft-15ft. I backed way off and started casting into the 80 degree water. After a few cast…GULP, I set the hook and swung in a shout bass. Moments later another one. My partner caught two on a DT16 at the same time! For the next hour we sat there catching around 6-8 off the ledge. After the bite slowed down we packed it up.

    Next I idled passed the bridge and scanned the Lamar Hill points…..nada

    I cruised up to the point across from Bryants Grove boat ramp and we marked tons of bass on the ledge up near the base of the point. The water was much clearer here with 1.5 vis. We picked up out worms and a brown craw on a wobble head and started casting to the point, dragging down the ledge. The first 20 minutes or so we did not get a sniff, but then i caught 1 keeper to the left of the PVC pole on my worm. We fished, and fished, and fished, waiting for them to turn on…..nada.

    Over at the Bryants Grove bluff rock point We fished the entire ledge while sitting 50ft and casting into 6ft-12ft with our soft plastics. Out near the green buoy….nada. However, once we reached the base of the point we had several bites and saw a bunch of bass on the bottom. Still working our soft plastics we finally had a few bites, but missed them.

    Next I trolled away from the point to the let util i was out in the middle in 14ft, For 100+yards there were hybrids and stipers everywhere. We picked up our deep diving crankbaits and started casting. Moments later…..POW, fish on! My client fought a good fish to the boat just so he could come unbottoned before it got off. Moments later……BOOM…another fish, but this one was a small keeper bass. We never moved much since there were big fish everywhere. We ended up catching a couple nice striper and haybrids, and 6 bass!!! It was an awesome experience.

    After the actioin died down we moved t othe Hong Kong Island’s left ledge/point. Casting our soft plastics to the point drop/off, we caught 8 more average fish out of 12ft-15ft( while the boat was in 17ft).

    Our last spot was the left point at the mouth of Lamar Hill. After we scanned the Stewarts Creek point and did not see and thing I moved to the left point of Lamar Hill. I put the boat in 12ft while we cast into 5ft-8ft to the right of the crypress tree. We never caught any big fish the little ones were eating! We caught around 8 dragging through the soft bottom bumping logs and stumps here and there. It was a good way to end the day1

    All and all, fun day. No big fish, but we set the hook a lot!

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