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  • Posted by Brian on June 10, 2014 at 3:26 am

    Well, my last trip on the lake was so much fun!

    I fished the Saturday morning tournament out of Fate Sanders Marina with Eric Dickens. Eric has been a regular client of mine and we have a great time every time we fish. This day was one of our funniest days together. We started at the rock hump(around the rock buoys and signs) across from Bryants Grove Cove. Fishing there for over an hour we caught around 8, including one 2lb keeper! We kept the boat in 18ft-25ft, casting into 6ft-8ft and dragging back slowly. We fished with 1/4oz shaky heads with Trick Worms(6 3/4″) in green pumpkin/red flake and brown/red flake AND Carolina rigs with baby brush hogs…same colors. The fish were biting in 8ft-12ft.

    Next we went over to the spot I have been fishing a lot…the island near Hong Kong island with the rock buoy in front of it. Fishing with the same lures we casting into 8ft and dragged into 15ft. The boat was in 25 again. First cast right near the rock buoy, another 2lb keeper! We fished there for 30 minutes with not another bite and saddled up.

    We headed to the hump out in front of Bryants Grove boat off the point. Same lures and same depth, we caught 2 fish, including 1 keeper 2lbs. The fish seem to have moved from this and the last hump.

    I motored to the first cut through coming from Fate Sanders. There is a long rock point that comes off the bank near the PVC pipe off the island(a lot of lower units are taken here in the winter). Casting the same lures on top of the point into 6ft and dragging into 9-10ft, we caught nothing in 15 minutes and packed it up.

    Our next and best spot was fishing the long point in the right going into Stewarts Creek. We dropped the trolling motor near the PVC pipes in the end of the point and started casting our shaky heads and c-rigs. The next 2 hours we went up and down the point getting bite after bite! We had our boat in 18ft and cast into around 6ft, dragging back slowly. The fish were in a feeding frenzy…we caught a ton of bass, including 6-8 keepers! After the bite died we moved to the mouth of Lamar Hill and fished the point on the left off the main channel. Sitting in 20 and casting into 6ft we had no luck.

    At this time we had caught 10 keepers and our best 5 weighed 10lbs…..all fish were 2lbs. Our last spot with 30 minutes left was back at the first cut through. This time we fished the ledge from the main channel just before you go onto the cut through. We kept our boat in 18ft and cast into 8ft. Dragging back slowly we caught 4, including 2 was 4+, culling a 2lb and giving us 12.5lbs.

    We headed into weigh our fish. First place was 15lb, second 14lbs, third 13lb and we had 12.5lbs. One more big fish was what we needed, but we had a ball and left with our heads high!

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  • bigmtfan

    June 10, 2014 at 7:56 pm

    Thanks for such detailed reports. I know every spot you mentioned and have fished those areas as well in the past, just not gotten the results you have 😉

  • Deleted User

    Deleted User
    June 10, 2014 at 10:44 pm

    I know you’ve answered this question before so forgive my bad memory, but where is Bryant grove cove and ramp?

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