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  • Posted by Brian on March 11, 2015 at 10:11 pm

    Today I went out in hunt for bass from 7am-12pm with a client.

    The water has dropped 1ft since Saturday and was 54 degrees at the ramp! The rain was coming down hard, but I was excited to have to clouds in hope for some topwater action.

    Our first spot was where I ended my last fishing trip. After motoring into Spring Creek we steered right at the split and shut the motor off. The water clarity was 1′ and 55 degrees. There was bait flickering and random bass feeding. I started with my Heddon Jr. Spook in silver/blue and my client tried a white 1/2oz. Hoppy’s buzzbait(with a trailer hook). I kept the boat a cast away from the bank as we chucked to mud, rocks, and stumps. We reached the back of cove without a bite and switched to a SSR shad rap and a 1/2oz TN shad Red Eye Strike King rattle trap. As we watched the bass continue to feed we made cast after cast without a bite. Finally my client hooked up, but it was a white bass. We fished around for a 20 minutes longer without a bite and felt it was time to move.

    I motored to the back of Spring Creek where it was completely muddy and turned around.

    We cruised over to Fall Creek and slowed down once we reached the channel across from the boat ramp. The water was 54 and muddy with a lot of current…which made me want to leave, but then I saw a bunch of bait and fish feeding on the surface and decided to give it a try. After several minutes I realized they were white or yellow bass. There was muddy water rushing in the current, but outside the current near the bank was clear water. That is usually a great area for the bass to be. I picked up my rattle trap and my client started with his white buzzbait. We fished 200 yards without a bite. Once we reached the hard turn to the right we caught one 2+lb on a white/chart Hoppy’s Spinnerbait in 1.5ft of water off the bank. We fished further up towards the spring that comes out of the rocks without another bite and packed it up.

    Next we traveled all the way to Sister Cove. The water was calm and 54 degrees with 1ft visibility.We started with our buzzbaits, but this time I had a 1/2oz black/blue one on. We fished 50 yards casting to the bank in 6″ of water before we got our first strike. I set the hook in 6″ on a 3+lb and landed him! We fished down a little further and realized the water was clearing due to the run-off coming from the back left corner of the cove. We approached the current and my client caught a short bass in inches of water on the black/blue 1/2oz buzzbait I gave him. 10 minutes later he had another strike…this one bigger, but she missed it! We fished around the cove to the far point where there is a white plastic barrel sticking out of the water. There, my client caught another short bass on his buzzbait and we pulled up the trolling motor.

    We moved over to the cove behind Fate Sanders and started down the left side. We continued with our same super shallow pattern as we fished down the left bank. It was not until we reached the back of the cove before I switched over to my shad patter SSR 5. Shortly after I caught a 14″ bass near the boat in 2ft. Again, my client had another miss strike on his buzzbait. The next 100 yards we caught 2 more short fish in 1ft-3ft on the rocks and then had to pack it up.

    All and all, okay day, but I thought we were going to whack’em! It was cloudy with 55 degrees….great fishing weather! I will be out tomorrow and am not not to change a thing. Big fish are moving shallow!

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  • halfbass

    March 12, 2015 at 9:38 pm

    Great news…just got boat back from C/O and ready to fish. Going to call soon to arrange a 1/2 day learning how to better use my HB 899


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