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  • Posted by Brian on March 13, 2018 at 3:25 am

    After a week on vacation with my parents and kids it was was nice to be back on the lake. It seemed while I was gone the weather was very pleasant! Figures the first day back I have snow on my truck and a north wind climbing to 20mph! Nevertheless, I was excited to get out and try to put together big sack of bass! I fished with my guide, Justin Armstead.

    We launched at Jefferson Springs boat ramp. The water temperature was 53 degrees with less than 1 foot visibility. I started on the rock/bluff bank directly across the boat ramp with Alabama rigs. Sitting in 10 to 15ft and casting towards the bank we let the rigs sink near the bottom. We marked zero fish on the units and had no bites until we reach the bridge. I picked up a #5 shad rap in craw orange and fished the rip rap on both sides of the bridge. I caught two short bass and one 7 pound drum.

    Next we moved to the flat just up from Jefferson Pike Bridge. Sitting in 12ft we tried Alabama rigs, squarebill crankbaits in black and chart, half ounce white spinnerbaits, and black/blue jigs to the isolated stumps in 3 to 4 feet and to the ledge that drops off into the channel. We had one solid bite that did not hook up, but that was it.

    Next we moved to the blown out bridge in the West Fork. The water there was 54 degrees with less than 1 foot visibility. We started on the left bank with the boat in 12 to 18 feet casting to the rocks. After no action on the Alabama rigs we picked up a 1/2oz black/blue and brown/purple. At the end of the bluff Justin caught a 3.10 ounce largemouth. This fish came out of 2ft. We switched to the other side where the rock point comes out and caught another short bass on the #5 sr shad rap. We were catching a couple fish, but it was relatively slow so we moved down lake into Sister Cove next to Fate Sanders.

    There the water was 52 degrees with less than a foot visibility. We only fished the left bank where the boulder rocks extend way out into the water. The left side was very calm and the right side was getting pounded by the wind. I tied on a SSR Shad rap #7 in craw pattern while Justin tried a yellow and black squarebill crankbait. Within 10 minutes I caught one short fish on the shad rap out of 2 feet of water. 20 minutes later I caught a 4lb largemouth out of 2 feet of water followed by another 2lb largemouth. We fished down the bank 20 minutes and I caught another 2.3oz largemouth. We fished to the end of the bank where it became too shallow. I turned around and went back down the same bank catching another short bass.

    I spent the last couple hours in the back of Stewart’s Creek. I started about a hundred yards before boat ramp in the back. Casting to boulder rocks on the left in 2 feet of water I quickly caught a short largemouth on the shad rap. Water temperature was 56 degrees, but still less than 1 foot visibility. Once we reached boat ramp there was a little pocket across the channel that was out of the current. With a few shallow stumps we cast our crankbaits into 1-3 feet of water. We caught another 3.11 oz largemouth out of two feet! We fished all the way up the channel to the riprap catching 5 more short fish. They were sitting on the boulder rocks, riprap, and stumps. In 30 minutes we caught 5 more short bass followed by a 5.13oz hog! We fished back as far as we could before the current was too strong. On our way back out we fished where the narrow channel starts and there’s a culvert. The culvert was pumping out clear water and we got another 3lb fish there! That wrapped up our day so we took pictures and headed in with all smiles! 20lb for best 5!!!

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