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  • Posted by Brian on March 25, 2016 at 1:23 pm

    The last 2 days I have been out fighting the wind and rain trying to catch some crappie. Here are my results:

    Wednesday I fished in Fall Creek. The water has dropped 1.5ft from last week and it was tough to get over the flat across from the boat ramp. Once we made it over the water temperature was 58 degrees with 1.5ft visibility. The temperature was good, but is has dropped several degrees….so that has to be considered. The wind was 20+ ripping down the first stretch of stumps on the left. We tried to fish them, but was not able to fish effectively. My client and I started with float over 1/16oz jigs with purple crappie magnets, but we quickly switched over to casting jigs without floats. Once we made the turn to the right we finally got a break from the wind. We started casting out jigs up to the bluff wall, letting them sink to the bottom and then retrieving slowly……GULP….SLAB! We started getting quite a few bites down the first 15 yards of rock! The next 3 hours we went up and down the entire bluff wall catching 10 bass(small), 13 crappie keepers, and tons of bluegill!! The color that worked the best was called Mermaid(clear green/blue with silver flake). We did not break any records, but had a ball catching fish out of the wind and fixing all of the political problems of the would! lol

    Yesterday I was on the pontoon boat with a family of 4. We started in Jones Mill casting floats and minnows to the stumps in the back. The water was 57 degrees at 1ft clarity. While sitting in 4ft and casting into 2-3ft with our minnows we started setting the hook on slab crappie around the wood. After it down we moved over to the abandoned boat ramp and had zero luck. I motored to Stewarts Creek into the narrow creek in the back on the left. We pulled up to the next bluff on the left and started casting to the laydowns. We had a lot of bites around the wood in 4ft-6ft, but was only able to land a few. The wind was OUT OF CONTROL! I motored back 200 yards to the first bluff once you enter the narrow part of the creek. We started casting our jigs and minnows to the bluff and to the flat….catching 2 keepers. I tied on some double 1/16oz rigs with different color Crappie Magnets 4f-5ft above a float and we quickly reeled in 3 keepers at once! We trolled out of the narrow creek and into the main creek. The bite dissipated and it started to rain so we headed in.

    Tough couple days, but not too bad for coming out of a cold front and 20+ winds. # readyforweathertostabilize

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