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  • Posted by Brian on March 30, 2017 at 3:31 am

    Today I fished with two great guys. Our focus was on bass throughout the day with a little crappie at the end to take home. We launched from Fate Sanders where the water temperature was 63 degrees. We motored down lake and started fishing at the first cove on the right before Hobson Pike Bridge. The water clarity was 2 feet at 59 degrees. We fished just the mouth of the Cove where the the big boulders come out from 2-5ft of water. We all tied on Zoom flukes. We had 3 different colors on, white, baby bass, and chartreuse. These were all fished weightless. We cast into 2ft of water and slowly worked their flukes back to the boat. We caught 3 bass and lost three others during the 45min we were there. We moved across the channel to the backside of Bird Island. Starting on the left point we continue with our flukes and added a 3/16oz shaky head with crawfish as well. The crawfish was a Big Bite Bait 3 inch swimming crawl in green pumpkin red flake. I caught one on the crawl and we had two swirls on our folks that did not hooked up. I kept the boat in 8ft while we cast into 3ft. I trolled to the front side of Bird Island and fished the boulder rocks in between Bird and the little Island next to it. Continuing with our flukes we had one giant smallmouth break off after jumping out of the water. After 30 minutes we moved over to the little island next to Bird Island. Continuing with our flukes caught on short bass in 3ft next to the isolated rocks. Our last bass move was under Hobson Pike and into the cove on the left under the power lines. We cruised back as far as we could and fished flukes, rattle traps(1/4oz. in res), and a Whopper plopper. We fished back there for a few hours catching around 8, including one five pounder that got off at the boat after inhaling a Whopper Plopper. The water Clarity was less than one foot and it was only 3 feet deep throughout the back, but there was wind blowing in and the shad where everywhere. After we fished that spot very thoroughly we moved all the way up to Jones Mill Cove and fished the back in 5ft-8ft. Casting around several stumps we caught 10 crappie including 7 keepers, enough to take home for a meal. We were using 1/16oz Crappie Magnet jigs with chartreuse and clear, blue, and green/blue color patterns. The fish have moved up shallow and are fun to be caught! Can’t wait to get up tomorrow

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