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  • Posted by Brian on March 7, 2017 at 5:24 am

    Yesterday I hit the lake after church from 1-6pm. Justin Armstead and I went out to find some crappie and to check out the topwater action with the recent cloud cover. I brought all my trolling gear for crappie and we headed up lake from Fate Sanders. Once we got to the mouth of Lamar Hill we set up our rod holders and trolling rigs with 8, 10, and 12 foot rods with 1/32 ounce crappie magnet jigs and a range of chartreuse crappie magnets due to the muddy water. The water clarity was less than six inches since the water has raised 2 feet. The water temperature was 56 degrees when I park the boat in 12 feet of water. We set out our rods and started trolling just under 1 mile per hour heading up lake towards the next bluff wall of the right. After 500 yards without a bite we motored to the end of the bluff on the right and trolled that ledge for 200 yards. We never had a bite so I motored up further to the big flat on the right as you turn to go to Spring and Fall Creek. We trolled half of that huge flat ledge with one little bite and decided it was too muddy to troll. My friend recently had a lot of success catching 30-40 keepers in these areas, but that was when the water was clear. I pulled up the trolling motor and headed into Fall Creek to try our crappie jigs. My hope was that some of the crappie have moved in since the water was in the mid 50’s. As we arrived the water clarity was better at 1.5 feet, so we tied on 1/16 ounce crappie jigs with pink and purple magnets and chartreuse and clear magnets. We fished the stumps on the right halfway back and all the way to the back passeat the bluff wall and called several crappie including one giant. I felt confident that the fish were moving in and in the next couple weeks will be locked into shallow crappie fishing. We also picked up some bass lures and fished the flats throughout the entire creek we had several on the first set of stumps on the left once you come around the flat across from the boat ramp. Throwing a.heddon spook jr in red and white. Our biggest was 3 pounds up on top of the flat and we had 8 to 10 smaller fish in the 12 – 14″ range that were a lot of fun. When we motor to the far back of the creek we didn’t get any bites as it was getting clearer and clearer, too clear I believe. Has it got dark we motored to the front of the creek and fished some rocks in two feet of water off of mud flat and caught four back to back. They were all small but it was exciting to see so much action. This is my last slow week before the season starts and I’ll be out almost every day. I also have an ABA bass tournament this Saturday and hope to do well. The reports will be coming consistently now that I’ll be out almost every day. Thanks

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