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  • Posted by Brian on March 8, 2015 at 4:52 am

    Today I was out from 1030am – 4pm fishing with BCGS guide, Trey Neal.

    We launched from Fate Sanders and motored into Fall Creek. The main channel was muddy(with a lot of trash) and 45-46 degrees, but once we reached the boat ramp in Fall Creek the water started to clear up. The water temperature was 46 at the PVC pole across from the ramp where we started to fish. I grabbed my 1/2oz chatterbait with a 5″ Berkley Hollow Belly Swimbait(shad pattern) and started making long cast to the mud flat where there are stumps in 4ft on the right side of the channel. Trey was fishing with a green pumpkin jig and an A-rig. We fished all the way up until the channel makes a hard turn to the right. I picked up a red craw Bandit 300 and started casting from the channel in 9ft into 4ft. After 3 cast I hooked into a fish and set the hook, but after a few seconds it unbuttoned. When we reached the boulder rocks I picked up my Hoppy’s Flea Flicker blk/blu 1/4oz jig with a green Paca Chunck and started flipping to the rocks. After 30 yards without a bite I trolled over to the left side of the channel and started casting my Hoppy’s Emerald Blade spinnerbait in white/chart with tandem silver willow and gold Colorado blades followed by a silver Zoom Swimming fluke Jr. I started casting to the stumps on the edge of the channel in 3ft. The first stump…..BOOM…2lb! Next stump….POW 3+lb! The next hour we fished every stump for a 100 yards without a bite. In the back it was even clear at 48 degrees, but could not find any fish. We strapped down our rods and idled out of the creek. Half way out at the last PVC pole on the left there is a tree laying in the water. With the boat in 6ft Trey cast a green and brown shaky head into the tree in 4ft and set the hook on a 1lb. We saddled up again with high hopes of more and bigger fish.

    I cruised into Spring Creek where there is a split in the creek. I stayed to the right where the wind was blowing straight in. I noticed a few blue heron in the back with a few shad flickering the surface. It was very shallow at 3ft and the water temperature was 50 degrees(the sun really helped in the afternoon). Trey picked up a 1/2oz chrome sexy shad Red Eye Rattle Trap and a made long cast to the big rocks on the mud flat in 1ft. Next I heard “there’s one”,,,, Trey fought a 2lb into the boat. Next cast, “there’s another one!” This fish was big and knowing it was a bass I gave Trey a hard time by saying “its a catfish.” He muscled a 4-5lb largemouth to the side of the boat and said “catfish my butt.” I was stoked to see what else we would catch as I grabbed a red 1/2oz Strike King rattle trap. My first several cast I landed 2 nice largemouths. There was bait all around us and you could see the bass feeding. The next hour we stayed in that same area fishing the rocks in 1ft-3ft catching over 15, including another 4-5lb and several quality keepers! After the bite died down we tried different baits to try and trigger bites. We tried shad raps, jigs, chatterbaits, spooks, square bill cranks and jerkbaits with no action. We called it a great day and packed up our gear.

    All and all……..awesome day. We caught 20 bass, including 7 keepers with our best five around 17lbs! The fish were feed like it was April. You can experience this type of action often in the afternoon during the spring months. Find a windy cove in the afternoon after a warm sunny day. The bait will be pushed shallow with the bass right on their tails!

    krogers79 replied 8 years, 8 months ago 1 Member · 1 Reply
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  • krogers79

    March 8, 2015 at 11:47 am

    I think I told a young man fishing a tourney today to hit that spot because they have been stacked in their lately. 😀

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