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  • Posted by Brian on May 15, 2015 at 1:12 pm

    Yesterday I fished with a great guy and premium member. We had a fantastic day catch over 20 bass, including 7 keepers. Our best 5 weighed around 16lbs. We focused 1 mile from Hobson Pike bridge both mid and down lake.

    We started our morning in the cove just right of Hobson Pike Bridge. Not in the cove in that goes to back, but out in front where there are big boulder rocks that come out 30 yards from the bank. The water level is a little lower than it was 2 weeks ago and you can see these rocks in the middle of the of day when the sun is high. I kept the boat in 8ft-12ft, while we cast 1/2 swing head jigs with Big Bite Craws(green/chart and brown/orange) into 3ft-5ft. In the first hour we caught 6, including 2 keepers and missed several others!

    We trolled up to the bridge and tried the bridge pillar and rip rap. We caught one short bass on the down lake side of the bridge on the rip rap in 6ft.

    I cruised 500 yards past the bridge under the power lines and fished a hump that is 200 yards off the bank. This hump is in 14ft with a lot of wood on it and will be on your paper or gps map. I threw a marker buoy out and back off into 18ft. We made long cast with swing heads jigs to the buoy and caught one short bass after 20 minutes.

    Our next spot was in between Hotel/Motel. We started on the left point in between the islands and worked across the ledge to the right island. Still fishing with our swing heads I kept the boat in 15ft-25ft as we threw into 6ft-8ft dragging slowly. In the 30 minutes we were there we caught 2, including one keeper and missed several other. It seemed there were a large concentration of fish on this ledge, but the wind picked up way too strong for us to effectively fish.

    I motored to the cut through just down 500 yards and fished the right point all the way to the little cove where people camp a lot. That entire bank has boulder rocks from 2ft to 5ft. Fishing with our Big Bite Craw and texas rig pumpkinseed lizards we we caught 2 short fish off the edge of the rocks in 5ft.

    Next we fished in Smith Springs from the Anderson Rec boat ramp down 500 yards until the large cove. Sitting a cast length from the bank in 10ft-16ft we caught 8 fish, including a few studs. The lizards caught a pair of 3lbs in 4ft-6ft and a nice smallie and I caught a smallie and lost a pair of good fish on my swing head(now with a blk/blu craw). I am still not really sure why they like this bank, but it seems to be a consistent producer!

    We idled over to the Anderson park beach and fished the long point that comes way out on the south side. Sitting in 12ft and casting up we caught 2 short fish out of 8ft on our plastics.

    I carried us to Hole in the Wall and we fished the north side where the rock transition into a long sandy point. Keeping the boat in 14ft-16ft we fished for 30 minutes and only had a couple bites and maybe caught 1 short fish.

    We tried our first spot again to see if we could catch any more there. My client caught one nice keeper on the boulder rocks and then one on the point leading into the back cove. On the point leading into the back cove it is important stay off the bank. The rocks come out into 8ft and usually they are sitting on the edge of the rocks. I see a lot of people sitting right on top of where they should be casting.

    Our third to last spot was the point/hump in front of Bryants Grove boat ramp. Sitting in 20+ and casting into shallow water we caught 1 short bass and had about 50 For the first time I picked up a 6xd citrus shad crankbait and made 3 cast and got snagged 3 times.

    Our second to last spot was the big left point at Jones Mill Boat ramp. Sitting in 30ft and casting to the green channel buoy on the end of the point with a Texas rig pumpkinseed lizards and a shaky head with Big Bite Craw blk/blu I had two fish on my first 2 cast and both got off( I had a lot of fish get off today). We fished down the point and back with one more bite and headed to our last spot of the day.

    The final spot was the ledge at the first cut through coming from Fate Sanders. My client picked up a Strike King Bitsy jig with a small Zoom trailer while we sat in 16ft and cast into 10ft. It was hard to fish here with the wind, but we managed to take a few cast. Earlier in the day my client told me a story of the one and only time he caught a fish on his last cast. Well today at the end of the day when I told to take a final cast while I straighten the boat he set the hook on the biggest fish of the day…..4.5lb largemouth! We look at each other and smiled, knowing that does not happen often!

    All and all, another great day on the water. We set the hook a ton and caught the majority of the fish and some of them were quality keepers!

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