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  • Posted by Brian on May 19, 2015 at 3:16 am

    Yesterday I had a great day on the lake with a client from California. Fishing for bass we caught around 20 with our best 5 around 16lbs.

    We started the morning fishing 300 yards up to the Anderson boat ramp in Smith Springs. The water temperature was 74 degrees with 2+ft clarity. I was casting a texas rig with 1/2oz weight with green pumpkin/chart Big Bite Craw and my client was trying a 1/4oz shaky head with a green pumpkin/gold flake Net Bait finesse worm. In the entire 300 yards we only had 2 short bass. I kept the boat 25 yards off the bank while we dragged back slowly. I motored up to the sea wall and fished the deeper ledge without any success.

    I cruised into Suggs Creek to the Seven Points boat ramp. 500 yards off the boat ramp there is a point that comes out from shallow water and drops into 20+ft. You can see this point on your paper or gps map. Sitting in 20ft and casting into 14ft where we found a concentration of bass around schools of shad, we tried our plastics without any luck. I took a few long cast with my 6XD (citrus shad) without and takers. I tied on a 5″ Storm Wide Eye swimbait and chucked in as far as I could. I let it sink to the bottom and then retrieved with a sweeping action letting it fall back to the bottom. After several swings…BOOM….almost a keeper. I took 20 more cast without a bite and we packed it up.

    Next we traveled under Hobson Pike bridge and tried the boulder rocks to the left that have been so productive the last few weeks. Sitting in 8ft-10ft and casting our shaky heads and crawfish to the boulders we caught 2 and missed 3, including 2 keepers.

    Finally we reached our best spot of the day. I pulled up to Jones Mill point, parked the boat in 30ft and started casting to the left and right of the green channel buoy with my craw. On my clients first cast he caught another short bass on a shaky heads out of 12ft. I picked up my a-rig, made a long cast and counted down 8 seconds. I turned the handle 3 times……BOOM, 3lb! Next cast…POW 2lb! I tied a Storm Wide Eye swimbait on my clients line and he started catching fish! These fish were suspended in 6ft-12ft right on the ledge and feeding on shad. After the a-rig died I picked up my 6″ Sexy Spoon and started whacking them again, including a 4+lb and almost a 2lb on the same cast! I would let my spoon sink for 8 seconds and then pump it up and let in flutter down. We had a ball for 1.5 hours catching fish on different lures before they died off for good.

    Our last spot was back down lake, past Hobson Pike Bridge. Stopping at the cut through that leads to Smith Springs we fishing the road bed that crosses the entire cut through. We started near the left point in 14ft and cast our soft plastics into 10ft on top of the road bed. My first cast I missed one. My clients 2nd cast he caught a 5lb on his shaky head!!! My next cast I caught a small keeper! The last 15 minutes we caught 5 fish there before we had to leave.

    All and all another great day! The bite started out slow, but finding some deep schooling bass was awesome and catching some quality bass on a new spot is always great!

    Brian replied 9 years ago 2 Members · 4 Replies
  • 4 Replies

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