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  • Posted by Brian on May 21, 2016 at 1:07 pm

    Yesterday I chartered a family of 6 on the pontoon. Our plans were to head mid-lake near Mousetail Island and fish for crappie in 10ft-20ft. However, with all the clouds I asked if they were interested in fishing for bass until we see what the weather does. They were excited to try topwater lures so I tied on bunch of Rebel sexy shad poppers and Heddon bone color spooks.

    I motored out of the no wake zone to the right towards the 1st cut through. Once we reached the end of the bluff wall on the left we noticed tons of action on the surface on top of the flat. I pulled behind the PVC pole into 3ft of water and slowly approached the action. Once we were in casting distance we started casting to the action. BOOM….BOOM…..BOOM!!!! I think the first 5 minutes we had a double and a triple!!! Largemouth bass, white bass, and hybrids were chomping! The next hour we stayed in 2ft-3ft fishing 50 yards of the bank following the action. When it finally slowed down we had caught over 20, including a 3lb largemouth.

    Next we moved to the 2nd cut through and dropped the trolling motor on the right side in 3ft. Casting the same lures to the sandy point around the isolated stumps and laydowns. BOOM, BOOM!!! Quickly one of my clients hooks into a hog on his spook. The fished took him under the pontoon boat and pulled free! At the same time a big school of whites and bass started feeding in the middle of the cut through! Here we go again….BOOM…BOOM….BOOM! We caught another 12, including a 3.5lb, 3lb, and several 2+ largemouths! We stayed there for a while trying to following the action until it slowed down.

    Up to this point we had not seem much rain…..but that was about to change. Unfortunately, I moved mid-lake to try and catch a bunch of crappie. We fished a couple trees on the south side(facing Four Corners) of Mousetail in 10ft-16ft with just a few bites. Then the clouds started moving in with a few streaks of lighting and it was time to hit the road. After a soaking wet 20 minute drive in we were in sight of Fate Sanders. The clouds were breaking a little and the rain stopped. I asked if they wanted to try more topwater action and they were excited. I pulled behind the PVC pole again and fished the same bank……nada. I trolled over to the red channel buoy and had my clients cast in between the buoy and the white PVC pole. There is a row of stumps in 2ft-3ft in between the two. After a couple cast POW….one of my clients hooked into a biggin! The bass jumped and then pulled him around the boat. We watched the 4+lb largemouth come to the surface and rip the lure out! We were all excited to see the fish and kept casting. The next 20 minutes we caught 4 more shorter bass in the same spot. The rain started to come down pretty hard again so we headed for the day.

    All and all, AWESOME trip! It was not how we planned on fishing that morning, but everyone had a ball and caught a lot of fish! They will probably never forget this trip!

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