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  • Posted by Brian on May 24, 2016 at 3:45 pm

    Was out a few days ago on OH. Launching from Flippers at 6am we headed straight to the island on the right before Cages Bend. I idled to the backside and pulled out a 1/2oz Hoppy’s black/brown Rattlin Brush Hog with black/blu Paca Chunck. With the boat in 4ft at 68 degrees we started swimming and pitching to the back of the grass. We fished 50 yards of grass and caught 2 short bass…..each on a white/chart double willow(silver) spinnerbait. Both bites came a few turns out from the grass.

    Next we fished the right point at the mouth of Cages Bend. Fishing the grass in the same depths we missed one and caught 2 more short bass on the grass edge. One was on a jig and another on a spinnerbait.

    I motored down passed Cedar Creek to the right heading towards Avondale. Half a mile down on the right(after the grass islands) we pulled into the coves with boat docks. There are two coves with docks and grass. We stayed in the same depth casting to grassy bank with our jigs and spinnerbaits. We only had 2 short bass out of those 2 coves, both around grass. At the end of the second cove there is 30 yards of rip rap. The bank gets a little deeper on these rocks. We sat in 8ft while I tied on a 1/4oz shaky head with green/pumpkin purple flake Zoom Trick worm. Casting to the bank in 1ft we caught 6 bass out of 3ft-5ft….unfortunately all of them were short.

    We were getting tired of catching short fish so I decided to make a move up lake and try something different. We cruised passed the steam plant(which is open again!!!) to the next cove on the right under the powerline(Googoo Cove I think). We started at the mouth and fished to the right with a shaky head(same trick worm) and spinnerbait. The water temperature was now 70-72 degrees. There are 3 coves(kinda like a clover) in the his big cove. The first little cove to the right we never got a bite. In the second cove we sat in 4ft and cast to the boulder rocks in 2ft-3ft catching 3 bass, including two 2lbs. I tied a shaky head with trick worm on my clients line. At the next point in between cove 2 and 3 we found ourselves in 6ft-8ft still casting to more boulder rocks in 2ft-5ft. The bass were stacked on this point! We caught 4-5 with 2 more 2+lbs! We fished the remaining bank back to the mouth catching 2 more short fish and then headed in for the day.

    All and all, it was an okay day. We ended up catching 15 bass or more, but were hoping for a few more larger bites. The bass appear to still be shallow, but with the warm temperatures this week the summer ledge bite should pick up!

    blockel replied 7 years, 9 months ago 2 Members · 2 Replies
  • 2 Replies
  • dakota

    May 25, 2016 at 12:30 am

    Boy oh boy is that an exact report from my last time out over the weekend. Short fish all over the place.

  • blockel

    May 26, 2016 at 3:07 pm

    That makes me think that “Big Mama” has finished her business and is moving out deep already.

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