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  • Posted by Brian on May 30, 2017 at 3:42 am

    Well, I have to admit, it was a very frustrating day on the lake yesterday. I fished the USA Bass Tournament in hopes of a great finish and a successful day on the water. However, the day was a grind and all the fish that I’ve been catching have moved and I never really redialed in. We started at 5:30 a.m. out of Fate Sanders and I headed straight to Spring Creek and fished the hump with all the PVC poles right at the mouth. All the way on the right side of the hump near the two closest PVC poles there’s a rock pile in about 8 feet of water. Casting my Strike King 5 and 6XD in shad pattern I never had a bite in 20 minutes. The other day we caught 20 bass here schooling when it was hot. Today the temperature was 75 degrees and the last few days have been cooler, which I believe moved the fish shallower. I idled over to the mouth of Spring Creek in the creek channel and fished the boulder rocks on the left once you pass the first island on the left. I kept the boat and 10 – 18 feet of water and cast the boulder rocks in 1- 6ft. I started with my Heddon spook Jr in red/white on top of rocks. Again I never had a bite and pulled up the trolling motor. Next I moved to the mouth of the Lamar Hill and fished the right point near the PVC pole. With the boat in 15 feet of water I cast out in front of the white PVC pole to a rock pile in 6-8. After 20 minutes I never had a bite and I pulled up the trolling motor. Next I cruised to the mouth of the Stewart Creek and fished the big point off the main channel. Casting Strike King 6xd crankbait in TN shad pattern and a plum Zoom ole monster ribbon tail worm on a wobble head (1/2oz) I could not buy a bite. I knew the day had changed from a week ago, but I figured the fish would still stay the same spots and just slow down or move up or something. I could not buy a bite so I moved over to the rock hump next to the red buoy across the channel from Fate Sanders Marina. Again, we spent 30 minutes casting to rock piles never able to get a bite. Next we motored to the second cut through and fished the right point with the boat in 10 – 18 feet of water while casting my big plum worm, shaky head with a Zoom trick worm in green pumpkin, and a Strike King 5xd in shad pattern. Caught one short fish there, but not the biggin that I was hoping for. I knew I was fishing fast and was beginning to get very frustrated. I put a lot of pressure on myself even though I shouldn’t. I didn’t expect to have 20 lb at this time of the day, but we were two and a half hours in and hadn’t caught a fish. I kept riding along hoping I’d figure something out or run into an active school. I moved over to Bryant’s Grove point across from the boat ramp and started throwing my 6xd. Finally, when I picked up my 1/4oz shaky head and cast it towards the white PVC pole just off the point we started catching fish. We caught a couple on some medium crankbaits and two or three short bass on my shaky head while sitting in 25 and casting to the rock point in 8-10 feet. I moved over to the long point in front of Long Hunter. There was a boat sitting where I wanted to fish(20 yards off the bank on the sand point) so I moved out to the red buoy at the tip of the point. With the boat in 20 to 25 feet we cast our plum worms into 10-15 feet around brush piles. We couldn’t buy a bite there after 30 minutes so I moved over to the next green on the right off the bluff wall where you can see Hobson Pike. We fished the entire ledge catching three or four short Fisher then finally plucking a 2lb keeper right off the transition of the bluff wall that goes out to the green buoy. We stayed there for another half an hour trying to catch another keeper and it never happened. All of our fish came on a Norman deep little N in shad pattern and a 1/4oz shaky head with watermelon green flake trick worm. I didn’t feel like going down lake any further so I headed back up. I went to Stewarts Creek and fished the big point on the right once you enter the creek. The other day we caught a bunch here in front of the white PVC poles at the end of the point. I kept the boat and 15ft and cast into 6ft. No bites here so I move to the back of Stewart’s Creek to try something different. I motored to the back riprap bank past the back boat ramp and fished the point. The boat in 10 feet of water weak we cast to the riprap and to the other side of the creek channel to the point extends out with booulder rocks. We caught one short fish there and then moved over to the boat ramp and fished the boulder rock to the right. I caught one almost 5 pounds on my deep-diving crankbait. We continued beating that bank for 30 minutes until we felt it was time to leave. I went back to Spring Creek and fished the PVC poles at the mouth of the creek where I’ve been catching them schooling. At this time of day the sun had come out in the wind had picked up so I thought maybe these fish would move up and start feeding. That was not the case…. we never had a bite. I moved over to the same spot I fished in the morning at the mouth of Spring Creek and tried the big boulder rocks on the left once you enter the creek channel heading to the back of Spring Creek. We caught 3 fish, but they were all short except one I lost that felt pretty big. I kept the boat and 10-20 feet and cast my shaky head and wobble head with big plum worm into 2ft dragging it back over the boulders. We ended the day casting shaky heads and crankbait on the hunp in front of Fate wake buoys without any success. All and all….tough day. I love fishing tournaments most the time(whem im catching….lol), but sometimes i fish better when it’s just for fun.

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