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  • Posted by Brian on June 2, 2018 at 1:33 am

    Last night I had a great time fishing with two clients from Louisiana. We fished from 8:30pm till 12:30am. This was one of my first times out at night this year and I was excited to see what the bite was like. When we launched out of Fate Sanders the wind was howling 15 to 20 miles per hour! The water temperature was 82 degrees.

    I tried to get out of the wind so I headed down lake. After passing the Four Corners cut through I took a left into the back of the cove(the base of the longest point when you’re coming out from Four Corners). I tied on 1/4 ounce shaky heads, one with a green pumpkin Zoom trick worm and the other with a red bug Zoom trick worm. We also tried a 1/2oz Hoppy’s Emerald blade in black/blue with trailer hook. I parked the boat in 8ft and we started making cast into 2ft around the gravel. We fished the entire bank out to the long point without one bite. The wind was still very strong which was affecting our ability to fish.

    Next we cruised under Hobson Pike bridge and took a left under the power lines. We started at the riprap near the road where people fish from the bank. With the same lures we fished 50 yards to the next point heading back further into the cove. We caught a 7lb drum on the spinnerbait, two quality smallmouth, and a short largemouth on our plastic worms. We fished further back into the cove and tried where I fished in the Mac tournament on the rock hump in 8-11 feet of water. We fished there for 30 minutes with no success …..and pulled up the trolling motor.

    I motor back under Hobson Pike Bridge up lake and stopped on the backside of Bird Island. We were protected from the wind and tried the same lures down the first 30 yards of the island without any success.

    From there we moved to Four Corners and fished the hump in front of the no-wake buoys. We caught one keeper largemouth on the channel side in 10 feet of water on a 3/16oz green pumpkin Strike King Bitsy Jig . We missed another two with the worms and then idled further back into Four Corners on the first right point inside the boat docks. On this point there is a water well 3 feet out of the water. When we first pulled up my client hooked into a giant on the spinnerbait. This fish came out of the water dispersing tons of water and letting us know he was well over five pounds! My client fought the giant to the boat while he jumped beside the boat throwing the spinnerbait! It was exciting to have a toad on, but nevertheless frustrating to see it get away. We continued inside the marina fishing the right bank near the well catching 4 more bass on the spinnerbait! After fishing back and forth 2 times we continued further down the bank to the next cut through into Savage Branch. I kept the boat in 8ft while we fished an old roadbed. We were casting to rocks in 2 to 3 feet of water with isolated stumps. We had no luck and pulled the trolling motor up as our time expired. It was nice to get out with the full moon. Im looking forward to more night trips! I

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