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    Posted by Brian on May 8, 2018 at 3:39 am

    The last two days I’ve been fishing Percy Priest Lake. Yesterday in the Mac tournament I finished around 10th with my good friend Ryan Davis. We had 11 pounds and it took 16 to win and 14 for second. The water temperature is now in the upper 60s to low 70s with 1.5-3.5ft visibility throughout the lake.

    Yesterday we started in the cove to the left just passed Hobson Pike bridge when heading down lake. This is the same area I’ve been posting reports the last few trips. The third and fourth point on the left 50 yards off the bank there’s a point that comes out far and a hump in 7-8 feet of water. The point and hump are covered with boulders. We’ve been sitting in12 feet of water and casting 3/16oz shaky heads up into 5 -7ft dragging back slowly. Yesterday we had 4 keepers in almost an hour for about 9lbs……we broke off two and missed eight others. The fish weren’t eating the Zoom trick worms in red bug very aggressively. We would set the hook, have the fish on for 1 or 2 seconds and it would unbutton.

    Today I went back on a guided trip and caught two and broke off on one……. much less action than the day before.

    Yesterday the only other place we caught a keeper was behind the little island across from the Anderson Beach area. We had two bites just to the right of where the campers set up out of 8 to 10ft. One of which was our fifth keeper.

    We tried the third point to the left of Anderson recreational boat ramp in Smith Springs with no luck. We also tried the back of Smith Springs from the YMCA sailboat Cove around to the back.

    We also caught a few short bass on the west bank of Mousetail Island. Fishing the north end of the island where the rocky point tappers out. I kept the boat in 12 to 15 feet of water while we cast into 6ft and dragging back slowly. I caught two short fish and had a couple bites.

    Next we tried the long point in front of Long Hunter Cove. I parked the boat in 15 feet of water and we cast to the point where there are brushpiles next to the red channel buoy. Dragging our shaky heads we never had a bite.

    We cruised into Stewarts Creek and tried the point directly across from the boat ramp. This is the first time I’ve tried this deeper spot since last summer. I marked a few fish on the down scan and turned around and started casting. I kept the boat and 18ft while we cast into 6ft right off the boulder rocks. I caught three on my Alabama Rig out of 12 feet of water! Two of which were keepers and one short. It was crazy to see the fish in this pattern so quickly. After that we cruised over the bridge and found bass spending underneath the bridge on the left pillar! Usually this pattern is not effective until summer. We found a big school sitting in 2 to 10ft beneath the surface. We caught 2 on Alabama Rigs and 2 on swimbaits.

    We cruised to the back of Fall Creek to try some clear water way in the back behind the 840 bridge. I was going to throw sinkos and topwater, but once we got back there we realized it was muddy from all the rain on Saturday ….so we turned around.

    We finished in Stewarts Creek. Once you enter the narrow part of the creek in the back and make a wide turn to the left there is a culvert on the right. We took the boat over the culvert and tried Texas rig lizards(one Plum and one green pumpkin) down the canal. We caught 5 and saw several spawning in the 2-3 pound range! The water in there was 77 degrees! We had to grind bites each day, but couple fun days on the lake. In the Mac tournament our best action was in the morning and then it was pretty slow the rest of the day.

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