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  • Nice to be back – Sept 10

    Posted by Brian on September 11, 2014 at 3:35 am

    Today was my first day out since we had our family vacation at Orange Beach. While I was down there I had a great time catching some red snapper, “b-liners” whatever that is, spanish mackerel and king mackerel! We had a lot of our fish cleaned and ate on them for 3 days!

    Back on Priest, we started today a little later than normal….around 9am. The wind was ripping and the clouds were out so I felt good about the day. We took off and started towards the Weakley Lane bridge. The water was still in the 80’s so I figured the bass should still be there. I scanned around the bridge and located around 30 bass holding on the left pillar in 15ft. We tried casting flukes for a few minutes and landed one decent bass, but could never really get them fired up. I pulled out my A-rig, chucked towards the bridge where I saw the bass sitting and let my lure sink for 15 seconds. I started reeling in slowly….pop…pop…pop…..BOOM. I landed a nice spotted bass! A few cast later another taker! The bite slowed down so we decided to make a move.

    Next, I decided to play the wind game and fish the back of windy pockets. I started in Sister Cove in the back left corner. Casting 1/2oz.Red Eye rattle traps(sexy shad), square bill crankbaits, and swimbaits we caught one 2lb in 4ft of water. There was very little bait pushed in, resulting in few bass.

    Next we moved to the back of the cove across the Youth Inc. Same lures, trying the same pattern, few bites, without any hook ups.

    We motored back up lake and pulled into Lamar Hill. The wind was ripping into the left flat at the mouth. I scanned for a while and found some bait on the rocks near the bank. We put the trolling motor down and started casting shad raps and rattle traps into 2ft of water. There was bait popping here and there and the bass were coming up every few minutes. After 10 minutes of casting BOOM, 3lb on the shad rap(purple shad). 5 minutes later….POW, another 3lb. We caught 2 more short fish the next 20 minutes and then idled to the back of the Lamar Hill Cove. Fishing the point on the left in the back we hooked our largest bass over 3.5lbs, but it jumped and spit the shad rap. In the back of the cove I caught one on a sexy shad rattle trap then we decided to move.

    We traveled to north side of the Smyrna pump house cut through and saw dozens of white bass feeding on the surface. We must have pulled up at the end of the feeding, because we only caught 2 on the A-rig and then stopped biting.

    I headed to the big flat on the right between Spring and Fall Creek. We fished the flat casting rattle traps and shad raps in 2ft-3ft and caught 3 little ones right off the bat. Then we realized fish busting every few seconds in the back of the flat between the island to the right at the mouth of Fall Creek. The wind was howling through that gap and the bait was stacked! We trolled towards the backside of the island where we could cast to the active fish. As soon as we arrived…..SLAM, we each caught a bass! The next hour we sat there and caught around 15 on shad raps and rattle traps in sexy shad color. All of the fish were short (1lb-1.5lb), but we had a ball!

    I duplicated the pattern by moving to the islands just up lake from Lamar Hill. There is a little canal between the islands, around 7ft deep. I scanned the canal and all around the cypress trees. Quickly I noticed TONS of bait. The bait and bass were loving these areas where the winds was ripping between islands near shallow water. We set the boat in between the two islands and started casting to the bass feeding on shad. We finished our trip catching several more there on the same lures!

    What a fun day on the water! My trolling motor got a work out, but it was worth fighting it all day!

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