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  • Posted by Brian on November 15, 2018 at 5:55 pm

    Yesterday I fished Percy Priest Lake. When I put the boat in the water my depth finder read 48°! I was not sure I believed the readings, but decided to head down lake where I wanted to fish. I drove past Hobson Pike and stopped at the cut through on the left heading to Smith Springs. Fishing the road bed in the cut through I placed the boat in 3 to 6 feet of water and cast a bone colored spook, orange squarebill crankbait, and a white/chart Hoppy’s spinnerbait. The wind was ripping on the point and I was very surprised I did not catch a fish. The water clarity was 2 ft.

    I moved down to Suggs Creek and decided to spend the morning an area’s I don’t fish very often. I motored up to the Seven Points boat ramp and started fishing just passed it. The next 200 yards is full of boulder rocks that gradually come out from the bank! The water was 54 degrees which was perfect for how I wanted to fish with the cloud cover….. topwater! I picked up my spook and started casting at the boulder rocks while sitting in 4 feet of water. After 50 yards without a bite in some really good looking stuff I picked up my shallow crankbait and start casting to the boulder rocks. I had an orange Norman squarebill crankbait. After several minutes I hook my first fish that I fought for a few seconds before in unbutton. I figured it was just a bad hook up later to find out the hooks on that bait stink and they flexed out. I continued with the orange crankbait and the topwater. After another hundred yards and not a single bite I decided to abandon the good looking bank.

    I idled to the little island right on the creek channel just up 500 yards. Fishing around the island on the shallow and the deep side I fished spooks, crankbaits, and 1/2oz Hoppy’s spinnerbait in yellow and chartreuse….. nada.

    Next I cut across the channel to a rock cove where the gas lines are. Fishing in 1 to 4 feet of water I had 0 bites throwing topwater and then slow down with my spinnerbait on the deeper point just up from the cove, again…. nada. It now been 2 hours with only one hook up that got off so I decide to head out.

    I cruised to the back of the cove on the right just before Hobson Pike bridge. There was a light breeze instead of the strong wind on the main channel. I did a lap fishing the boulder rocks in the back without a single bite on my spook or SSR 7 shad rap in crawl pattern and pulled up the trolling motor. The water temperature there was 51 degrees and when I cruised out to the main Channel it was 49 so I decided maybe I’m doing the wrong thing and need to throw my A rig.

    I fished both ends of Hole in the Wall Bluff with my rig over the next 30 minutes without a single bite. I kept the boat at 18 to 20 ft and cast and 6 to 8 feet retrieving my zoom swimmin fluke swimbaits slowly. I never had a bite and only had two hours to fish left. I decided to abandon down lake and head far up lake into Spring Creek.

    When I got to the back of Spring Creek and I was soaking and freezing, but the water temperature was 57 degrees! I thought perfect this is what I should have been doing the whole time. I picked up my spook and started fishing the flat across from the finger coves in the back. Switching between the spook, crankbait, spinnerbait. I never had a single bite on the flat. It wasn’t until I turned around and fished the actual finger cove points that I had another bite on the same orange Norman crankbait that I did earlier in the morning. I set the hook, had a fish on, but it pulled off. Frustrated, I reeled the crankbait in and check the hooks. It took very little pressure to flex the hooks open and decided that the bait’s hooks were just weak and that’s why I lost both of my fish. With 30 minutes left I fished a spring in the back along with a few points that transition slowly into deeper water. I tried spooks and crankbaits without another bite and headed in with a big 0 for the day. I was frustrated, but those days happen. The fishing has been so inconsistent for me recently it’s kind of par for the course. I thought with the clouds and water temperature in the 50s it would have been a great day. I talked to other fisherman that night and confirmed the bite was tough for everyone. If I had more time I would have tried a few different things and probably gone in the river since the river was somehow clear with all the water we recently had. Now I need to get my gear back in order and saddle up for another stab at it Monday.

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