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  • Posted by Brian on November 18, 2016 at 4:03 am

    Was out on the lake today. It was still a grind, but we managed around 15 bass with 5 keepers for around 11lbs – 12lbs. We started the day in the back of Spring Creek across from the finger coves across from the big flat. I kept the boat in 4 – 6 feet of water while we cast into 1-2 feet of water around the mud flat that transitions to boulder rocks that drop off into the channel. We tried black Hoppy’s buzzbaits, Heddob Spook Jr in chartreuse/white, and shallow running a crankbaits in craw pattern. We fished the entire flat and all the boulders without a bits. The water was dead still….no movement and no life. We never had a bite. The water temperature was 58.6. I motored to the mouth of Spring Creek and fished the boulder rocks on the right before it opens up to the main river channel. We continued with buzzbaits, crankbaits, and a blue/chrome 1/4oz rattle trap in 1-3ft while we sat in 20ft. Casting to shore we caught 2 short bass right off the big rocks. We continued around the island to the right and fished all the way to the white PVC pole with one more short fish on a shad rap #7 in craw pattern. Next we moved to the hump in front of Spring and Fall Creek with all the white PVC poles. Yesterday the bass were feeding on top of the hump. There were several big schools of shad that were dying off and flickering a couple feet under the surface. I’m not sure why these shad were dying….. it’s early for a shad kill, but nevertheless they were dying and the fish were feeding on them. On this day there were no shad and we never had a bite. I cruised in the Fall Creek and we started on the left bank at the mouth in front of the PVC poles. The water temperature was 59 degrees now. I tied on a green and orange shad rap for my client and I continued with the number #7 orange crawfish pattern. With the boat in 3-4 feet we cast into 1-2ft all the way down the entire stretch and caught 5 short bass. We crossed the channel and tried the points on the right. Again, in 1-2 feet of water we caught two more short bass. Next we move to the islands across from the Smyrna Pumphouse opening on the down lakeside. Continuing with our shad raps we fished through the islands focusing on the boulder rocks on the left. I caught one 3.5lb there on my shad rap and then flipped a stump on the other side of the channel where a fish just blew up and caught another keeper on my Strike King green and blue bisty jig 3/16 ounce. We fished all the way through the cut through to Lamar Hill boat ramp without another bite. We finished up in the back of Fate Sanders Marina where the wind was blowing on the left side and into the back left corner. At this time the water was 62 degrees. There were shad surfacing everywhere and random bass feeding. We went back and forth in 3-4 feet of water casting into 1-2 feet of water, but this time with red rattle traps. We caught four bass, including three more keepers! All of these fish were randomly chasing schools of bait. Our time was up and we headed in. It was a more active day and we were able to catch a limit of keepers, but with that being said it still felt like a grind. Maybe things are turning up, I think this cold weather this weekend will help on the backside of it.

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