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  • Posted by Brian on November 23, 2014 at 6:02 pm

    Yesterday I fished with a client in the Saturday morning tournament. We had a good day with 5 keepers for 11lbs…finished 7th out of 27….13lbs got the last check in third place. We never had a big fish bite which is what we needed, but caught several fish and never lost any, so we were happy!

    We started on the right point of Sister Cove with the current slowly passing. We cast our shad raps and Minnow 2.5 in craw color to the bank. The water was muddy at 47 degrees! The first pass around the point we were sitting in 4ft casting to the bank and received no bites. I moved out into 5ft-6ft and we changed to a deeper shad rap in craw color. The next 25 minutes we caught 4 bass, including 2 keepers in the 2-2.5lb range! We were stoked being that it was so early. We fished back and forth for 30 more minutes without another bite and moved across the channel to the bluff wall.

    My thought was to fish several transitions in the same area with the same lures. We approached the bluff/mud flat transition and started casting Minnow 2.5, spinnerbait and shad raps. I kept the in 4ft-15ft casting to the bank. We fished 50 yards up the bank without a bite and moved 100 yards up to the next point. There we caught one on a shad rap right on the bank were it dropped off into the channel. That fish was right were he should have been with the current passing…too bad he was little.

    We idled up to the next point with the same pattern….nothing.

    I fired up the big motor and headed up lake into the mouth of Fall Creek. The water was a lot clear with 1ft visibility. I picked up my A-rig and started casting to the creek channel drop on the left near the bank. We worked the drop(sitting in 11ft and casting into 5ft) up to the PVC pole bumping rocks and stumps along the way, but no takers. Once we reached the PVC pole we caught one on a red rattle traps in 2ft of water to the left of the pole….2lbs and keeper #3! At this time the wind was cranking up and it was getting difficult to fish the shallow rocky bank. We fished 50 more yards and caught another short fish on a shad color shad rap and decided to move.

    We cruised further up lake to the Smyrna pumping station. I like to fish here when they are pulling water…the bass pull up on the rip rap. The wind was ripping, but we decided to give it a try. I started with my 1/4oz shaky head with a green pumpkin Rage Craw and my partner threw a rattle trap. When we reached the end of the rip rap without any bites I grabbed my A-rig and chucked it at the point a few times. On my third cast..BOOM! A bass knocked slack in my line and missed the hook or bit one of the dummy swimbaits with no hooks. I threw in there again…POW…missed it again! I grabbed my shaky head and threw to the point….nothing. After several minutes of trying to drive the fish crazy to bite again we headed out, but as I turned the boat my partner said “fish on.” I grabbed the net as a short bass broke the surface. We netted him and continued on.

    I headed back down lake to Sister Cove to try our point again. We pulled up and fished for 15 minutes without a bite and could not stay on the spot because of the wind and decided to go to the back of the cove. I fished with my Minnow 2.5 Craw and my partner tried a 2.5 Thread Fin. We had no bites on the back bank, but once we started turning to come up the other side…GULP…another 2.5lb on the Minnow 2.5 Craw! I had the boat in 4ft and we were casting with the wind into 2ft. Down the bank 30 yards….SLAM… another 2lb on same lure and our 5th keeper! The next 45 minutes we went back and forth fighting the wind hoping for a 4lb-5lb to start culling! No luck.

    I really wanting to get out of the wind so we went to the Weakley lane bridge and fished the bluff wall on the left with black/blue jigs in the mud. I usually don’t fish here, but sometimes when there is current they will pull up to rock, slap there bibs on and wait for food. Once again, we were hoping for just one or two big bites. About 15 yards from the little cove where the fish attractor poles are I had one bite on my jig, but he set it down quickly. We fished the entire bluff to the Fate Sanders Recreation ramp without another bite and pulled the trolling motor up.

    We had 10 minutes and stopped on the Stewart’s Creek main channel point on the left and tried a-rigs and spinnerbaits for 5 minutes without any bites and headed to the weigh-in.

    Final thought- good day on the lake! It’s always fun to catch your limit, get your heart pumping and high-fiving your fishing partner. One or two big fish would have been nice, but maybe next time.

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