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  • Posted by Brian on November 27, 2014 at 3:29 am

    Today I fished until 3pm with a great client of mine. We started the day fishing for crappie and then switched to bass after lunch.

    We only hit three spots for crappie and caught over 30 fish! At all of our spots we fished a red 1/8oz Crappie Magnet jig head with chartreuse and green/chart Crappie Magnets.

    Our first spot was the main channel flat on the left 300 yards up lake from Fall Creek. I had the boat in the channel around 15ft-20ft and we were casting our Magnets onto the flat(7ft) and retrieving VERY slowly. The lure would be very close to the bottom when it was on the flat, but once it came to the drop off it was in the perfect depth to pull those crappie off and eat our bait. However, today they did not eat well at this spot. I think we caught a handful of bluegills and 1 keeper crappie.

    Our next spot was just down 300 yards to the long bluff point that extends out from the point of Fall Creek and the main channel. There is a red channel buoy near it and there use to be a green buoy there even closer. There we put the boat in 15ft-25ft and cast up on the rock point(10ft-12ft), let our Magnets sink for 5-7 seconds and then retrieve slowly over the drop off. We caught 10-15 fish there with several keepers, including a double slab catch!

    Our third and last crappie spot was the left point at the beginning of Spring Creek as soon as you turn off the main channel. There is a PVC pole there and a lot of boulder rocks just past it. We sat at this spot casting our Magnets for a while catching tons of fish. We caught a lot of crappie, bass, whites, and yellows! This time the boat was in 18ft and we were throwing into 8ft.

    We switched over to bass and headed into Fall Creek. Once we passed the boat ramp we idled back and started casting shad raps(craw and shad), A-rigs and shaky heads with Rage Craws in green pumpkin/red flake. After fishing 250 yards of the left bank and a little back up the right bank with not one bite we headed in for lunch.

    After lunch we motored into Stewart’s Creek, stopping just before the back boat ramp. We fished the left bank with a-rigs and caught one short fish in 4ft off the rocks and then caught a nice 4lb on the rocks near the boat ramp. I switched to my shaky head and fished the rock point to the left of the boat ramp. We were in 9ft casting into 3ft when I had a good bite deep on the rocks. I set the hook…SLAM! A good fish came to the surface and shook my hook! We fished past the rip rap to the next rock bank on the left and caught one more short fish on the a-rig.

    All and all, fun day! The water was really clear where we fished and between 47-53 degrees. My client learned a lot and we caught a lot of fish! Happy Turkey DAY!!!

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