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  • Posted by Brian on November 29, 2018 at 3:59 pm

    Yesterday I fished from 11-4pm with BCGS guide, Kevin Patin.  With the morning  temperatures in the teens and twenties we waiting until it warmed up a bit before we hit the lake. We launched out of Jefferson Spring where the water was 50 degrees and 4.5ft below summer pool.

    As we launched the boat we noticed a little spring in front of the ramp pumping a water out.  We decided to give it a try and started casting 1/2oz chatterbaits with a Strike King black/purple 5″ swimbait, shad jerkbaits, a-rigs, and 1/4oz shaky heads with green Zoom trick worms. 
    With the boat in 12-15ft we cast into 4-8ft around the

    Next we moved to down to the Smyrna pump house where there were a tons of seagulls diving in the main channel.  We motored to the birds and scanned a bunch or bait, but no larger fish.  I started to scan the
    ledge on the right heading back up towards Jefferson and started marking larger fish(it appeared both hybrids and bass) along the ledge and in the channel in 16-20ft.  Starting at the first PVC pile with the boat in 20ft I picked up my A-rig and started casting into 6ft on top of the
    flat. After just a few cast I caught my first  bass, a short 1lb.  We continued up the ledge for the next hour catching one other fish at 2.5lbs.  We were constantly marking fish on the down and side scan and tossing buoys out only to turn around and make 25 cast without any action!

    Our second spot was the next bluff wall and sand transition down from where we were. Again, we tried the same lures while sitting in the channel and casting into 6-8ft……..nada.

    I wanted to try a little topwater so I headed to the back of Spring Creek and fished my spook on the flat across from the finger flats in the back.  The water temp was 56(perfect) and the clarity was 1.5ft(perfect).  We fished the entire flat with only one blow-up that came off.  I was starting to think the cold night before in the teens
    might have just put them in a funk.  I did manage to catch one short bass on my a-rig near the bluff wall just passed the flat, but also tried shaky heads and jerkbaits with no luck.

    I figured I could jump over to Fall Creek and get a few bites before we had to head in……wrong! When I idled into the creek the water temp was 45! Still, I kept my boat in the main channel and cast my a-rig, shaky head, and jerkbait in 3ft-5ft around the isolated wood and rocks……nada. After an hour we headed in for the day. I really think the cold got the best of them the night before. Either way, the next 3 days will be in the 60’s and we’ll try it all over again!

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