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  • Posted by Brian on November 5, 2014 at 7:45 pm

    Today I fished from 7am-2:30pm launching from Flippers. Water temp 57-61.
    The day before I crappie fished on OH and found tons of bait in the back of a few coves. My first spot was the back of Flippers cove. Once we reached the bridge in the back there was bait EVERYWHERE with bass feeding on them. I tried a spook while my clients threw rattle traps(Red Eye Shad) in sexy shad and chrome/blue. Once we reached the other side of the bridge my client caught one almost 2lb on the chrome/blue. We fished all the bait and back through the bridge with one more bite that got off while fighting to the boat and we made a move.

    Our next stop was the back of Spencer Creek behind Laguardo bridge. We stopped at the bridge and picked up our rattle traps. I kept the boat in 3ft-5ft and we made long cast around the entire cove(flat) without a sniff. There were either no bass back there or may to much bait to compete with.

    I motored to Station Camp and into the ski cove in the back. First impression was good, but then I did not see ANY bait on the structure scan or on the surface. We tried our rattle traps around the entire back without a bite. I tried a spook for a little while, but no action.

    I cruised out of Ski Cove up into the creek further. We stoped on the next three points on the left. Each point we came to we had the same experience. We put the boat in the channel(6ft-8ft) that swung up against a point, cast rattle traps and square bill crankbaits into 2ft-4ft around bait. Nothing. At this time I was getting frustrated because all the components I was looking for were in place…..except for the bass! After fishing the second point we did see some GIANT stripers feeding in 1ft-5ft on the flat between point 2 and 3. We trolled up on the flat and started casting our traps, spooks and A-rigs. They were busting left and right, but would not touch our bait.

    We tied down our gear and motored out of Station Camp up lake into the cove on the left just past the steam plant. We started on the left and started casting to the big boulder rocks just off the shore. BOOM….5lb gar on a chrome/blue rattle trap. I few cast later a 1lb bass. Few more cast and one chomped down and quickly unbuttoned. We fished to about the middle of cove and decided try another cove very similar.

    We motored up to Power Line Cove on the right about a half mile. I like to fish the cove straight ahead once you enter and the cove to the right. Today the the wind was blowing on the left bank into the back. There was bait covering the bank and it looked promising. We cast out rattle traps, square bill cranks and shaky heads(1/4oz with Zoom green pumpkin/green flake). We saw a few bass feeding, but could not get any strike our baits.

    I strapped down the rods and flew up to Bledsoe Creek. I went straight to the back of the creek, all the way up to the Rt 25 bridge. Once we entered the shallow areas about 500 yards before the bridge we found bait and bass fishing on a point in 2ft. We had two bass on rattle traps, but both came off. We entered an area where there was tons of trees out of the water. I tied on a buzzbait(white) and put a spinnerbait(white/chart) on another clients. After several trees with no action….BOOM! I had a giant bass slam my buzzbait without getting the hook! We reached the bridge and started casting to the pillars. The right 3 pillars have trees and logs that are jammed stuck. I swung my rattle traps up against one of the pillars and caught a 2.5lb. Seconds later my client caught a short bass on a crawdad shad rap! We fished around for 20 minutes without another bite and headed to the ramp.

    Once we arrived back at Flippers we decided to go back to the bridge and see if we could catch a few more. This time there was even more bait, but they were all on the right side on the rocks just before bridge. I kept the boat in 7ft, casting into 1ft. Fishing with rattle traps, shad raps, white/blue grubs, and small spinnerbaits we caught 5 more bass and lost several. The action was on fire! Great way to end a TOUGH trip.

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