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  • Posted by Brian on November 7, 2015 at 3:51 pm

    I hit the lake in the rain yesterday from 6:30-12:30. Pretty good day, but we had to move around more that I anticipated. The water temperature was 65 degrees and the water level was 488.18, higher than it has been in a few weeks.

    BCGS guide, Trey Neal, and I launched from Jefferson Springs and headed straight up into the East Fork. With the clouds and rain I was eager to get back up there and fish my white H2O frog. As we approached the 840 bridge we noticed shad and bass breaking surface on the right bank. This is not where I wanted to started, but it was hard to drive pass the action. We pulled out our frogs and spooks and started casting….and casting…..and casting. Not one bite it 30 minutes. We strapped down our rods and continued up lake 3 turns in the channel to a long stretch of laydowns and stumps. Casting to the bank and around any wood we fished the same lure down that entire bank and 3 more bank just like it without one catch. I did have one big swirl and another huge blow-up next to a stump that was exciting, but never hooked into anything.

    I headed down lake and motored to the middle of Fall Creek. Starting on the shallow rock bank directly across the Fall Creek boat ramp I picked up my black Hoppy’s Hawg Buzz 1/4oz and began casting. On the main little point there is a small rock pile out of the water. I had my boat in 2ft and made a long cast into <1ft. Just as my buzzbait approached it ……BOOM….3.5lb! We continued down the bank with a few more little strikes. There were shad and bass busting around us. On the next point I caught another largemouth on the buzzbait in 1ft……this one was smaller though. We idled across the creek channel to more shallow rocks. Trey caught one on a 1/4oz Strike King rattle trap in 1ft and I had another blow-up. After we ran out of rocks we decided to move.

    Coming out of Fall Creek we passed Spring Creek, then the bluff wall on the right. At the end of the bluff wall we turned right to the back corner of the shallow flat where the wind was blowing against. While sitting in 3ft and casting into 1ft logs Trey caught 3 bass, including 1 keeper on a 1/2oz rattle trap chrome/blue. The shad and bass were working around us the entire time.

    Next we cruised into the Smyrna cut through from the Fate Sanders side and started on the left bank. Fishing from the beginning of the shallow rocks all the way through to the other side of the cut through I had 6 blow-ups on my buzzbait, catching 3 of them, and 2 being keepers! The few that I did not catch were quality bass that missed the hook(should have had a trailer hook on). I had the boat in 1.5ft-3ft the entire time, stirring up mud with trolling motor. Most of the bites came around stumps in 8″-1′.

    All and all, good day. We had 4 keepers and witnessed some awesome topwater action. I got all of it on the GoPro so it will be on Elite 7. I planned on staying the East Fork all morning, but it was too slow up there for me. Hopefully they will start pulling the lake down again. The next 4 weeks should continue to offer some exciting topwater action.

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