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  • Posted by Brian on November 9, 2017 at 4:12 am

    What can I say, one night of rain and the lake has come up 5.5 feet. Fortunately, they’re pulling the water down aggressively and is already on its way to winter pool. Long Hunter boat ramp up is muddy and down lake is normal clarity. This morning we started behind Hong Kong Island all the way in the back left corner. The water was 62 degrees We parked the boat in 5ft and cast into 2ft around the bank and Islands in front. I caught one 2.5lb on a yellow and black Academy H2O 1/2 ounce rattletrap. Next move down lake and tried our Alabama rigs to the right of Goose Island. We marked a few fish in 20 feet of water, but could never get them to bite. Next we went further into Nashville Shores Cove, Old Hickory Cove, and tried topwater spooks around flooded cypress trees and bridges followed by Alabama Rig and 1/2 ounce chatterbaits with white swimbaits deeper around road beds. We had two blow ups on The spook catching one decent largemouth. Next we cruised into Smith Springs and went past the Smith Springs boat ramp to the cove to the left. Sitting in 10 to 12 feet of water we fished the left bank casting are Alabama rigs. We fished 20 yards down where the water was 2.5ft visibility. We caught one solid 3 pound keeper out of 8ft. Next we moved into the cove on the right just before Hobson Pike Bridge. I motored all the way to the back and began with our chatterbaits and Alabama Rigs in 2 to 6 feet of water while we stayed at 6 to 8ft. Casting our Alabama rigs to the left bank we caught another 2.5 pound largemouth around the boulder rocks! We fished the entire cove and caught one more short fish on the rig, but that was it. The water was a little stained in the back, but mostly clear throughout the cove. We finished behind Fate Sanders Marina searching for some clear water. We did find some in the far back and tried spinnerbaits, jigs, and Whopper ploppers to the shallow wood without any action. We put the boat on the trailer and headed home.

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